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Allergy help!

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I really need some help! I am ~6 weeks pregnant and staying at my MIL's house... far away from any pharmacies that are open where I can get a safe antihistamine to take.

I am allergic to dogs, although I have never had this type of problem with her dog before. I am having problems breathing (not wheezing enough to warrent a hospital visit) and the usual allergy symptoms. I could handle this (kinda) with an open window, but the bed that I am supposed to be sleeping on has SUCH a strong scent from whatever detergent or dryer sheets she uses that it is exacerbating everything.

I feel like such a whiner, but a) we haven't told her yet and b) I am stupid for not thinking that I might react like this while pregnant and bringing my puffers (which would at least help me sleep).

So I guess what I am asking is - does anyone have any home remedy solutions to help me get through the night until we are on our way home tomorrow (or until I can at least sit outside)?
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