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Allergy "muscle" testing?

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I recently saw a naturopath in town because my 8wk old has been so gassy. I was hoping he could tell me if it might be something I'm eating. He "muscle" tested both of us, and announced that I am allergic to dairy. I never had any reason to believe this before, but during this pregnancy I did have intense cravings for milk! How exactly does this type of testing work, and can it be accurate? I have been skin tested, and showed no allergy to dairy that way. That was about 18months ago.

Thanks for your help!

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I've been tested and cleared many times for different allergies and it is accurate. I've had the pin prick tests and most of them came out negative, but I found the muscle testing to be more accurate.

It works this way (someone can correct me if I am wrong, but this is what my research turned up). Your body(everyone) emits an electromagnetic field and certain things can affect it. When you come into contact with an allergen, it weakens your field and thus you test weak. There are several levels in which your body can have a weakness to...physical, spiritual, emotional, etc.
Clearing of allergies just requires activating certain accupressure points along the spine while holding the allergen. This generates a response in your body to accept the allergen instead of your body rejecting it.
I've seen people with severe allergies to wheat, nuts, dairy, etc. come away completely cured of their allergies. For me, it was just about everything on this earth.
Look into NAET which is based on this approach to allergens.

If a young babe is gassy I highly recommend bifidus to seal back up the gut ... any antibiotics in your history? formula supplements?
I think you might also look into the true allergy verse intolerance issue. My ds2 with gut issues (now we know it was Celiac Disease) was having reactions to my breast milk, horrible (green frothy diarhea which burned his skin, screamed all the time and no medical doctor could help him, LLL leader said it was hind milk foremilk issues, nope). I went dairy free thinking that would help and it did, but not 100%, he was surviving at the time. I knew it wasn't an allergy just b/c IGE reactions are on a totally different level.

I wish I had known then what I know now!

Many individuals crave the foods that they are intolerant to. Especially wheat, as it has an opiate effect in some individuals -- Dangerous Grains goes into this.

Dairy in general is not widely tolerated by adults, especially pasturized. My ds2 can not tolerate pasterized dairy, but is fine on raw dairy after we healed his gut.

My dairy free experience was a good one after 15 months nursing and 14 1/2 of those being dairy free -- I've never really gone back. I'll have an occassional yogurt, but I'm not the milk drinker I used to be and I'm healthier for it IMO. If I do have ice cream that I have not make from raw dairy, I get sick, I just try to remember that when I crave that Dairy Queen Blizzard!!!

My son was 100% dairy free as well until he was 2 yr old at which point I was so frustrated with doctors I gave up trying to figure out what was wrong with him. I just kept taking foods away that made him sick. Fortunately, one insightful pedi caught the symptoms...

So, if a naturopath tells you that you are allergic to milk (take it as an intolerance and they are probably right) and go dairy free for your kid! And follow JaneS advice on healing the gut! I used probiotics on my ds2 as an infant, I think everything I did is why he was not sicker and did manage to grow enough to be considered healthy for a time.
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I saw a guy who did this this past winter. He was the owner of the only (tiny) store in my hometown that carries "natural" stuff. I was looking for probiotics b/c I felt like mine weren't doing their job. I thought maybe they had died during the 2 day car trip non-refrigerated. He did the muscle testing and told me my probiotics were fine, my problem was that I needed more acidophilus. So I got an acidophilus supplement to take on top of my regular probiotics.

He also told me my baby needed me to stop eating wheat, which I had stopped eating the day before, strangely enough. My now 11 month old *is* very allergic to wheat.
We are just starting NAET treatments for my 22 month old. I'll let ya'll know how it goes! I'm not a true believer, but I do think muscle testing is accurate. My chiroprator uses muscle testing at times and one time he was just going through a bunch of stuff with me because I had said I just didn't feel good...non-specific. When he got to my right ovary I couldn't hold my arm up at all. Very weird. He asked if I was pregnant...I said no. He said maybe I'd just ovulated or something because something was "off" down there. I thought about that and bought an HPT on my way home. And he was right, pregnant! And that's my dd...

Anyway, I've found that naturopaths use the word "allergic" pretty loosely...more so than MD's. I think we all think of an "allergy" as involving the immune system. If the immune system isn't involved it's an "intolerance". It's an important distinction for medication but for naturopathic or homeopathic treatment, it doesn't really matter. So they say "allergy" and simply mean that it doesn't agree with you in some way.
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Thanks, everyone for your replies. I'm not sure I'm a true believer either, but if I think of it in terms of an "intolerance", that's easier for me. I now think I want to go back and get tested for more substances, since he only checked me for dairy.

Jane, no there is not a drop of formula involved, and no antibiotics. This was an unmedicated homebirth (after two previous c-sections!).

Shianne, I'm wondering if you've been tested and cleared many times for the same substance, or for many things.

I think I will add some acidopholus/bifidus to my diet. I'm taking enzymes now, that he recommended. No difference yet, but maybe it will take a little time. I know that dairy can take weeks to clear a nursing mother's body.

Thanks again!
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