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Allergy to carmel colour

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I am brand new to this site. I found this site searching for information on allergies. I am hoping for some information. My poor little bug got hives last Thurs. Woke up on Fri and they were much worse. My husband said go to doctor, so we went. Doc said probably food allergies, figured MSG. Came home, no MSG in what she ate but there was carmel colouring. Saturday came and she was worse, still. So I broke down, and got a script for prednisone (?sp) that I was leery about giving her. She got much better. However after breakfast Sunday morning she broke out again. So I look at the ingredients of our bread (cuz she had toast) and there is carmel colouring in it.

So she is off that bread. My question is: I have been reading labels like crazy and sometimes in the ingredients it says carmel colour (contains sulphites). The bread I bought her didn't but is she allergic to the carmel colour or is she allergic to sulphites? Is there always sulphites in carmel colour?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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There's so much that could be that it would be really premature of us to even hazard a guess. She could be reacting to anything at this point.
Seashell, we need more info ...

How old is she? What does she eat in a normal day? Is she breastfed or formula fed? Are there allergies in your family? Has she had any other reactions like eczema, diaper rash, vomiting or even cradle cap?

My son has thrown up on caramel colouring, so I looked into it. Sometimes it's just burnt sugar, but other times it does have dairy content, and that's what my son is allergic to. Or it's sometimes cross-contaminated with nuts (another of my son's allergies).

It's also entirely possible to eat something on a regular basis for months or even years, and then become allergic to it overnight. So you'll have to keep a food diary to track EVERYTHING she eats for a few months.
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