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Alleviating stepped-up food reactions in a pregnant mama...

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The past few months I've been having increasingly worse food reactions. I'm pretty sure I'm reacting to amines (after trialling my beef bone broth soup again for lunch, I have a RAGING headache and feel like crap) and I can't really tolerate any grains whatsoever. I'm suspecting salicylates as well, but am not totally sure and am really reluctant to remove them at this point because they are the only source of comfort food I have at this point (Jennie's macaroons and honey lemon tea)
. What can I do to boost my detoxification right now that's safe in the third trimester? I'm not only worried about myself, but about the baby. I really would like to avoid the problems I've had with DS and don't want to expose him/her to my reactions in utero. I just started taking a milk thistle tincture last night and Bentonite clay in the morning and right before bed.

What else do you guys suggest? I'm guessing upping b12 and folate (I have to get more of my ProThera supp after Snowpocalypse is over here in Baltimore) and my fermented CLO? Or is the FCLO too high in amines? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggg! I'm so tired of dealing with this crap.
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Your folate isn't folic acid, right? I'd definitely look at that and B12 first. How about molybdenum? Are you getting plenty of B6? Have you been supping zinc? What about copper? Magnesium?

What are your main symptoms?
Also, the issue with bone broth *could* be glutamates, not amines - not necessarily easier to deal with, but it might point to different nutrients to add or foods to avoid.
This is the b12/folate I've been taking: I'm fairly certain that's not folic acid. I'm out of that now, so I have Country Life B12 and I'm thinking of sprouting some lentils and seeing if I can tolerate them until I can get more of the ProThera one from my doctor. I've been taking 60mg of zinc citrate and 100mg of p5p plus whatever of both of those is in my New Chapter prenatal. I'm not supping extra molybdenum, but there's 75mg of that in the prenatal and I've been doing nettle and red raspberry leaf infusions intermittently...I've been trying to take at least a tbsp of Natural Calm every day, but I sometimes forget. My copper was high about a year ago, don't know where it is now. I avoided high copper foods for about six months.

My main symptoms are heart palpitations, headache, fatigue, severe crankiness, gas and a really tight feeling abdomen (which is no fun when you're 31 weeks pregnant.). I'm trying to avoid the foods that I know are giving me palpitations, but I keep coming up with new ones....

What would be an easy way to tell if it's amines versus glutamates? I would only be dealing with natural forms of glutamates because I don't eat anything processed.
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she's got some good food chemical lists for figuring out what you're reacting to.

Cool folate/B12 supp! Is the country life you're using now methylcobalamin? Are you still getting plenty of folate without the Prothera?

I'm 34 weeks, and have been doing 1200mcg folate. But I've also chosen to supp high levels of things, hoping that excess is less of an issue than deficiency for me/us.

Copper deficiency can cause you to react to amines. I wonder if maybe you've brought yours down so much that you're starting to be low? 60mg zinc is a lot, and would easily block copper absorption.

Are you getting plenty of calcium? (I don't remember what nutrients are involved in palpatations, but cal/mag seems likely)
I don't think I am getting enough folate without that supp. I'm calling on Monday to get more, so hopefully the roads will be passable by then.

I looked at the lists and I really do think it's amines. I think all of the foods that cause me issues are on the amines list. I guess my copper could be too low now. I was still taking a lot of zinc because I still have spots on my nails. Is there something else that can cause that? They also have been paper thin during this pregnancy, and my hair seems brittle. Last time I had gorgeous nails and hair. Sigh. I think I might get my nutrient levels tested again. They could still be out of whack, but just in a different way now.

I'm so discouraged again. I brought up the idea of my doing Failsafe to my DH and he was very negative about it. He makes me feel like all the work I've done for DS and now myself is worthless sometimes. He also seems to think that I like trying out new diets for some reason. He says it's all I talk about. I do admit being a bit obsessed, but that's because all of this s**t has been consuming my life for the past three years. I'm tired of it. I want to give up right now but I know that's the wrong choice. Blah. Thanks for listening.
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I realized I didn't actually mention
that folate and B12 are used to make methyl groups, and methyl groups are used to detox some amines. And folate is used up really fast when you're pg. So there's a good chance that getting your folate back could be a huge part of it for you. Does the timeline fit? When did things start getting bad vs when did you run out of the folate?
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