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Almond Breeze...

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I bought some Almond Breeze to add to some smoothies and was surprised at how yummy it was (I got the vanilla one, which may have something to do with it).

I guess I am just curious as to whether it's actually a healthy drink or not? How does sugar cane rank in the world of sugars?? I know a lot of people drink almond milk as a dairy alternative, particulary a home-made version so is Almond Breeze good nutritionally or is it "junk" compared to making your own almond milk??
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I don't know, If you're able to I'd make your own. I decided to start buying nut milks instead of rice milks and I remember when I was at the store I planned on getting Almond Breeze, but then put it back because it had something in it that's on my mental list of "not good" things, I think it was probably soy lecithin or something. I ended up getting Pacific brand vanilla almond milk at a different store. I think it's better than the Almond Breeze brand, but I still consider it to be a processed product, it's enriched and it has "natural flavors" in the ingredient list which I'm always sceptical about. As far as I know sugar cane is regular white sugar. The Pacific brand lists "brown rice sweetener (filtered water, brown rice)" , so it appears to be sugar free.
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