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Almost 3 yr old....

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Warning: touchy subject, I know it's not a real problem but I need help making him understand.

So my son has found the love of having a penis and has switched over to underwear full time. The problem is when the underwear comes off!

In the bath or after he has used the toilet he likes to play with his penis. And I have a 16 mo as well who is curious of course. And she has gone to touch it while they are both in the tub together, or he is running around. I calmly have told her that she is not to touch it, because that is only for Malik to touch. Repeating "Don't touch it, that's private". I have explained to my son that no one else is to touch it besides when someone is washing him. I don't even like to say doctors because of a fear someone pretending to be a doctor.

But now he has started saying "Touch it" to her. And again I have pulled him aside and spoken with him. I know this is natural curiousity but my mom was giving him a bath and she thought the worst when she heard him say that. I am the only one with him pretty much 24/7 so I know it's not an issue. How do I curb this behaviour?
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Just stay calm and on message and this will go away. When DS went through this, we bathed him separately for maybe a week. He decided he would rather bathe with his sister than experiment with my boundaries.
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