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Almost 39w........

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So tomorrow is 39 weeks for me. I've had my last two babies between 39-40 weeks, so I'd be super surprised if baby isn't here by next Tuesday.

I thought last night might be it. I was up with the kiddies and dh watching Big Love, and about 12am was having some crampiness and a "I gotta poop" feeling, which is how my last labor started. I told dh I felt "funny" and he started running around the house starting laundry, rounding up towels, finding the bulb syringe, etc.

After about an hour of him grinning like an idiot and constantly asking if I needed anything, I decided to go to bed. Poor guy, he was so excited he couldn't sleep, and he was SURE he wasn't going to have to go to work this morning, so he overslept. LOL. Anyway, nothing came of it, (well, dh did the laundry!)

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How exciting!! You're so close. And right now I'm jealous.
Yay about the laundry!!

P.S. I have never made it to 39 weeks. My first was born right at 38 weeks and my second was born at 36 weeks.
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