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Almost 3yo wants to nurse again

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My ds who will be 3 in June and had been weaned since 5 months(stupid me) has asked several times now to nurse. Ds#2 is 9 months and is nursing. DS#1 sees him nursing and asked to nurse. I let him try, but he doesn't really latch on, he just sits there with my nipple in his mouth. I would love for him to nurse. I tried to get him to start again at 11 months, when I realized it was normal. (Yea, I listened to a lot of mainstream crap back then.)

Anyway, I guess my question is this...

Should I continue to let him try when he asks? Should I encourage him? Or should I just say no and offer him some milk in a cup?
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It is a personal decision
I let my 3 yr old dd start nursing again when her baby sis was 6 months old. I did it because she seemed like she needed to *know* that she was still my *baby*. She nursed for a year when I weaned her by choice because she was sucking the life out of me! (she had just turned 4) I continued to nurse her sister for another year and a half until she was 3 years 2 months. I did enjoy tandem nursing, and I would not change that at all.
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