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He has done this for quite a while now. I am not sure how often it happens as he cannot tell me. I only notice it at home maybe once a week, if even that. Maybe only 2-3 times a month.<br>
Last year at his 3 yr checkup the NP said it was 'normal'. I wasn't sure if I believed her.<br><br>
Basically he will burp and then contents will come up (mostly stomach acid). He used to swish it around his mouth but when we realized he was doing that we told him to either swallow it or spit it out in the proper receptacle.<br><br>
Anyone else's kid do this? Could it be related to food intolerance? We are GF but he still has some food or cross contaminations issues I'm trying to figure out. Maybe it only happens if he has too much to eat or drink, I'll have to try and pay more attention to that.<br><br>
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