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aloe for cracked nipple?

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My 2-week old nurses just fine on my left breast, but my right nipple has a few cracks that have caused quite a bit of pain, such that I'm now only pumping that side. My husband and MIL are suggesting I use fresh aloe vera on it. Is this safe for baby? Has anyone tried this?
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ooohh... I wouldn't. Aloe can sting on broken skin. Also while I don't know if it is unsafe to eat it does taste like ass... which is less of an issue if you are pumping, I suppose but anything on your nipple can get into the milk you pump, right? Do you have Lansinoh? It doesn't really have a taste and is safe to eat, so it doesn't interefere with nursing and it really works. Also it is soothing. Good luck with your difficult situation and with this decision.
I'll second the Lansinoh...

It saved my breasts over and over. It really does work well, and it's perfectly safe. It's in a purple package. Works well for chapped lips too.
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I wouldn't recommend Lansinoh for cracked skin. It can promote yeast/thrush. A better choice is oilive oil, which is anti-yeast, or Newman's all-purpose nipple ointment (recipe here, for your doc or midwife to prescribe for you from a compounding pharmacy). I agree,

I wouldn't do aloe, as it would not be safe for your baby if ingested. See here for more info.
I always thought, and was told, that your own breastmilk works. It even works for conjunctivitis (pink eye). Even though I did use the Lasinoh for my cracked nipples, I ended up rubbing my breastmilk into it.
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