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Already dilated

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I have been having a lot of BH and thought I would have my doctor check me. Was she surprised to find out that I am 3 cm. dilated! I am a few days shy of 35 weeks but I have a scheduled c-section date for July 1st. Insurance won't let me schedule it sooner. Also to make it worse DH works out of town until the week before my planned c/s and is only home on the weekends. I was 4 cm. dilated with DD for 4 weeks so I am hoping I can hold on. Anyone else dilate early?
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My OB hasn't checked me at all this time. Early on I was checked by my midwife and a couple other docs we saw. By the time we found The Doctor, he said he could check, but it wouldn't do anything, so I don't know yet. I for sure want him to check at my 36 week appt though if he doesn't look next week because at 36 weeks I was 3 cms and significantly effaced (can't remember how much). A week and a day later, I was 8 cms and 90% when I walked into the hospital! preggo buddy at work, was just as dilated and effaced starting at 35 weeks and she was induced on her due-date. So it can totally go either way! I fully expected to stay at 3 cms for at least 3 weeks longer since my mom had all three of us within a day or two or her due-dates. Could have knocked me over when the hospital didn't send me home for false labor!

I'm the "prepare for it so you don't need it" school of thought. I am so stinking prepared for a 37 week delivery that I'll probably still be pregnant in August!!! ;)

What happens if you go into labor spontaneously? They'll just do the c-section that day?

I'm hoping to hold out at least until July 1st too! It seems a nice happy medium between my due-date and 37 weeks. Gets me past some really messy scheduling snarls with DS too! Although if I survive the really ugly week, I'll probably be so relieved, I'll pop right into labor the next day! ;-D
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If I go into labor before my scheduled date my OB will cancel clinics and do the c-section. Even if my local hospital did do VBACs (so sad they don't) I would still need a c-section.

I think I must have been pushing myself too hard at work because now that I am not working my contractions have are much less frequent and my feet are not so swollen. I am trying to get the house in order but I can only work for spurts before I start getting contractions. I feel like as long as I take it easy I won't go into labor soon. On the other hand I am so ready to be done being pregnant and meet my baby!
I was having back cramps yesterday and it felt like waves of pre-labor contractions. I went to labor and deliver and the monitor did not pick up on the contractions. I am still 3 cm. and 60% effaced so no change from last week. The doctor told me to drink 20 glasses of water or liquids. How will I drink 20 glasses? Part of me is so ready to have this baby but the other part needs to wait. DH is working out of town for two weeks so I need baby to stay put! Anyone else getting close?
I drink 3 liters of water daily (before dinner even). You can do it! I like to drink it out of liter bottles so then I'm only drinking 3 "glasses."
I carry around a 1 liter bottle and refill it at least 2-3 times a day, just to be sure I'm getting an adequate amount of water. It's a lot easier than counting glasses/cups!

Good luck, I hope you're feeling better!
Feeling a lot better. I guess the water is working but it is still hard to drink so much! I have to pee all the time! I feel like wat is the point of peeing when I'll just have to do it again two minutes later!
So true, Matty02! Last night I was up 5 times to pee. It was awful. During the day I empty my bladder about every hour it seems. It sucks, but after the nurse got on my case last night about water intake (I had only drank 2 L by 6 pm because I was so busy and apparently was very dehydrated), I know that it just needs to be like that.
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