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I think you should wait a bit. I got pregnant when my youngest was 16 months, and at 19 months he has just stopped nursing, tandeming my be more of an option for you, but my milk all but dried up and nursing was torture for me.

I had pretty much the exact same experience, down to the age of the child. I fully planned on nursing throughout my pregnancy and tandem nursing afterwards if necessary, but when I was about 2.5-3 months pregnant, my milk completely dried up. I am talking, I was not able to express even a drop, whereas before the pregnancy all I had to do was apply slight pressure to get a really spectacular letdown. And nursing became uncomfortable, and then painful, and I finally wound up weaning, which I still regret to this day.

After that miserable experience, I swore that I would not get pregnant again until my 2nd child had self-weaned, and that is what we did. She naturally weaned around 24 months or so, and we started TTC'ing shortly after that. I'm glad we waited.

Of course, everyone is different and I know some mamas have nursed throughout pregnancy with no problems. So that's a tough choice.
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