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I think you should wait a bit. I got pregnant when my youngest was 16 months, and at 19 months he has just stopped nursing, tandeming my be more of an option for you, but my milk all but dried up and nursing was torture for me. I wouldn't want to chance my milk drying up before my baby was at least 15 months, since nursing didn't really slow down until that time and I don't want to formula feed my baby when I have more than enough milk for him(not pregnant).

Also try to think about what it'll be like to have a 2yo, a 1,yo, and a newborn. Unless you are getting a lot of help, this will be a lot of work. 2yo's are still very dependant on mom too.

Plus another pregnancy in such short succession will be hard on your body. Namely your body's vitamin reserves are not having a chance to catch up with all this baby making and your body will give everything you do have left to a growing fetus, if not the child you are already nursing.

Even waiting 6-12 months, your kids would still be close together and you can use this time now to try to build up your body's reserves and take good care of YOURSELF before sacrificing it all to another baby. Two years in age difference is still pretty close together.
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