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getting a lil shall I say....I have fear of the unknown about my upcoming homebirth and natural labor, since I have never done or attended either before... Chloe was pitocin, epidural..and thankfully no episiotomy...she was fine...cord wrapped once on her neck..other than that a perfect beautiful birth
they said I had trouble dialating past 3..took me 24 hrs, due to some cervival scarring from previous cryosurgery for cervical cancer. I think it was because I didn't know to relax..and I was tightening up with every cntx.

I know this is what I want..I'm hoping this is the start of some progression of the birth of my children (like the next one will be born in a tipi or
just lack of support and working in a hospital..with a NICU and OR..and seeing what goes on and how quickly things happen. But for every baby that I've seen have to go to the icu, there are 15 more that come out just fine and really don't need a thing (even though they get the full interventions anyway)

I noticed we have quite a few July homebirths (even some unassisted!), if anyone has anything to say....homebirth, fears, beautiful stories, support, things that helped you deal with family or labor...

i know there is a HB forum, but its nice to have some closeness of the july HB mamas in the big world of cyberspace.
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