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My anxiety level has been going up a bit now that July is here. I'm still excited about this homebirth. I trust our midwife, although her assistant seems a little bit unsure of herself. My midwife is almost two hours away, and her assistant lives near us. But I do know that the assistant has had two homebirths herself.

I did have a hospital birth with ds. Even with all of the medical interventions, (Induction for preeclampsia with Cytotec and Pitocin, IV antibiotics, catheter, electronic blood pressure cuff, internal fetal monitors) I did manage to go without an epidural. Ds was born alert and ready to nurse.

I trust that my body knows how to birth a baby. I trust that the people around me will support me. I am a bit concerned about how my dh will be as my labor support. (I would probably prefer a doula, but we can't afford one. And dh really wants to help me through labor this time.)

I can't wait to read all of the July homebirth stories! And I hope there are plenty before it's my turn. I'm hoping for a few more weeks to get the house ready.
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