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Hi Ladies! I'm checking in really late to just say hi - we are also planning a homebirth - our EDD was July 18th and we are still awaiting our baby girl. We had a miserable hospital birth 3 years ago yesterday with 20 hours of labor, 12 hours of pitocin and a pretty good tear after fetal distress (arm wrapped around his neck) and are SOOOO looking forward to a peaceful experience this time around. I am very relieved to not have to have an IV, or a fetal monitor, or strangers popping in every hour to look at the monitor but never bothering to ask how I'm feeling, etc. I could go on and on...

Unfortunately my mom and sister have been here from out of town for a week - which is making me feel like a watched pot, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good. Not many braxton hicks, or prelabor symptoms, but my midwife estimates that the baby will be here in the next few days, based on when my first 'hormonal shift' occured - when pregnancy and labor overlap - and soon will become separate.

I feel blessed to have a homebirth midwife who is a bit of a diety in this town. She has been catching babies for 20 years here and is friends with Ina May. In fact, when Ina May was in town a few months ago for a workshop and lecture, she had a stomach bug and was staying at my midwife's home - she said she could think of no one else she would rather have take care of her when sick!

Oh yeah, the yeastie beasties are rearing their ugly head since I'm on my second course of antibiotics for GBS.

OK, my back is aching now... hoping this is a good sign of things to come!

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