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Alright N. VA Mamas, I need your help!!

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I just found out that I'm pregnant!! Woo Hoo!! But the thing is, is that my hubby quite his job so we had to get individual health insurance. We ended up getting Kaiser insurance so I have no idea who to go to. I'd love to see a midwife, but don't know if Kaiser does that. Anyone have any recommendations? How expensive is it to get a midwife and just pay out of pocket? I've always had an OB before. Help!! I'm very excited to finally be pregnant again, but stressing over the insurance thing. Thanks!!!
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Oh Kristen! Congratulations
I'm really excited for you guys!! I think Kaiser is Midwife friendly - call BirthCare & ask if they take Kaiser.
Last I checked LCM ( didn't take Kaiser, in fact, they take everyone BUT Kaiser.
My birth was 2400$ plus my birth kit, which was about $100 and then I paid for my doula & she was $600 (IIRC)
IMO, my homebirth was worth every penny & I was more than willing to pay out of pocket for it. But insurance ended up covering my birth
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Thanks Amy!! I was thinking about calling Birthcare. I know that Loudoun Community Midwives don't take Kaiser. I just went for my annual there before we had to switch insurances. I really liked them. So I'm kind of dissapointed, but I'm sure I can find another.
I think the the only midwife option with Kaiser is a birth center birth with BirthCare. They will only cover a birth center birth, not the homebirth option. If you did want a homebirth you would have to go out-of-pocket.
Congratulations on your great expectation! Our NoVA CPMs would probably be willing to talk with you about structuring a payment plan or some creative way to help make a homebirth happen for you.

Knowing our local hospitals, you are MUCH better off at home!

Well, we decided to go ahead and use our Cobra insurance instead so now I can go see pretty much who ever I want!! I am so relieved that now we will have insurance that will pay for everything. Thanks for everyones advice!
So who are you gonna see? LCM? Or are you going to plan a HB?
I don't know! I am really starting to consider hb, but I really don't think my hubby would go for it. It makes him very nervous! I guess we'll see. Can you recommend some hb midwives that are around here?
2 (Tami McKinley), (Peggy Franklin) are the 2 that I know personally.

They are both CPMs

Birthcare of Alexandria has all CNMs but they do HBs too. I don't have any experience with them.

Have your dh go with you to meet the midwives. Even my (fairly) mainstream Mom was comfortable after meeting my CPM
If he's a *reader* the Dr. Sears Birth & Pregnancy books both speak highly of Homebirth.
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