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alt. to Dove face cloths

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I love using these face cloths. They are easy to use and gently exfoliate me skin. A handful of years ago The Body Shop discontinued my absolutely favorite cleanser - Cucumber cleaners milk. IT was amazing (I'm still not over it being gone. I refuse to buy something I plan to use regularly from them anymore.)

I like how the face cloths work but am looking for a more economical and environmentally friendly solution.

I am going to find an equivalent material to make my own face cloths- smalls one to be washed after every use.

I am now looking for a cleanser or bar that will work well.

I have very sensitive skin that dries easily. I break out often.

I am looking for something that also smells yummy.

I do OCM 1-2 times a week. This works well, but don't wish to increase it every night.
I only wash my face at night, and rinse it with water in the morning.

any suggestions?
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