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Alternate fisherman's rib...

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I am trying this rib I found in Vogue Knitting, it's really cool looking, but I need some help. The directions are for working the rib flat, but I'm doing it in the round so I need to fig out how to change the pattern. Here's the pattern:
rows 1,3,5 K1, *K1-b, K1; rep from * to end.
2,4,6 K1-b, *k1, k1-b
7,9,11 K1-b, *k1, k1-b
8,10,12 K1, *k1-b, k1

Ok, so the odd rows I work as written, but the evens I do the opposite as what it says...right?

then there's this note (which I think might be a case of needing to just do it and not try to fig out what it's actually saying
): When alternating sts on row 7 and every 6th row after, make the st in the row below under the extra yarn from the st from previous row. any insight into this?
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I'm lost on the top part. well, kind of lost- but it sounds like it's some sort of variation of garter stitch- it's got you knitting on both odd and even rows- so that means you have purl bumps happeneing right? I don't know what -b means.

If that is the case to minic this you would need to purl somehow every other round on your circulars.

Part 2 of the question... is this a striped piece? Are you carrying a yarn up the "edge" and if so... obviously since you don't have an edge...

clear as mud ehg?

sorry, Sarah
Oooh Natalya- that is a pretty stitch!

You peaked my curiosity. It says that the stitch is symmetrical front to back- and I love those because they are good for scarves and blankets!

I just ran a search to see what this was and here is the link I found with a picture=

anyway- ignore my above post- as I said- I didn't have any idea what I was talking about... but I don't know if this stitch needs to be worked from two sides to work. I can't wait to try a test swatch.
Yeah, isn't it beautiful? I was trying to find a pic of it but gave up. Oh, the k1-b means to knit into the stitch under the one on your needle. I think I can work it just like the pattern says because it isn't purling or anything like that. As for the note, I think I'll have to cross that bridge when I get to it. I'll let you know what happens. Oh, I've figured out I should do this stitch in smaller needles too, it looks prettier/more delicate that way.
Has anyone used this rib before?
working fisherman's rib in the round is a PITA, LOL
You can't jsut work it as it says, you need to change every other round (what would normally be the wrong side row) or it will be completely screwy.

here's one blog with round directions:


Originally Posted by
(it's the oct 18th entry)
CO desired amount of stitches [make sure it's an even number], join being careful NOT to twist. Place marker.
Round 1-5: Knit
Round 6: *K1 in the bottom stitch, P1 in the back of loop*, repeat from*to * until you get to your marker.
Round 7: Regular K1, P1 until you reach marker.
Repeat Round #6 and #7 until you have finished and bind off loosely.
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Originally Posted by Knittin' in the Shade
working fisherman's rib in the round is a PITA, LOL
You can't jsut work it as it says, you need to change every other round (what would normally be the wrong side row) or it will be completely screwy.

here's one blog with round directions:
oh geez.
I'm still gonna try it. Thanks for the directions, I would never have found them (I suck at finding anything on the internet).
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Now that I'm closely looking at those directions, why does it say to K 5 rounds? Wouldn't doing just one round of knitting work fine? (I'm doing this as the ribbing of a hat and think it would look funny if there was 5 rounds of st st. What do you think?
no idea why it says that, I didn't look super closely at it. Bt for a hat, if you did 5 rounds of knit, you'd have a rolled edge
Ok, I'm baaackk. I wish I had a digi camera so I could show what happened, but basically my fisherman's ribbing looks like k1 p1 ribbing, with every other row's knit stitch looking extra bulky. I'm wondering if I'm supposed to be
row 1 k1-b, p1 (in back loop)
row 2 k1 p1
rep for 2 rows, and then
row 6 p1 (in back loop), k1b
row 7 p1 k1...
In the pictures it looks like the knit and purl switches switch places every 4 rows or so. Is this making any sense? I have so much respect for those of you that can actually clearly write about knitting.

do you think i should do a knit flat swatch to get a feel for what I'm suppose dto be doing?
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I'd do it flat to get a feel for it- I think that purling has got to be an essential element. From the picture I saw it didn't really look like 1x1 rib- it looked like recessed knit alternating with protruding knit.
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