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Alternative therapy?

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I'm just wondering what kind of therapies any of you ladies have done to help the grief of your loss?

I went to an art therapy session today, it was very interesting. Throughout my life I have expressed myself through some kind of creative representation, so the thought of art therapy was appealing.

Anyone else trying some alternative therapies?

Thanks mamas.
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The traditional talk therapy is working alright for me. I'm not very artsy so I think I'd be too self-aware to get into painting or writing.

Half kidding...there ought to be therapy where you can scream your head off and smash things. Okay, I'm not kidding at all.
i still haven't gone back to a therapist but my daughter is doing art therapy for bereaved children. she loves it and i learn so much from her teacher!

i would really like a therapist that used a doll somehow in the therapy.

My therapist uses a doll. I haven't gotten that far with it but it's available. I can see it being a wonderful closure when I'm at that stage.

Oh and I forgot, my therapist also uses her dog. It's interesting because I really don't like or trust dogs but hers is just perfect. She greets patents as they wait and then sits and gets some pets as the session is about to start. When the therpaist sits down the dog moves to her bed and sleeps through the session.
I want to start running again-it's just a matter of getting up early and going before I need to be home so dh can leave for work. It's too hard pushing a double stroller, since I'm just getting back to it. But it really helps me mellow my nerves and focus on other stuff. Or just think things through.
Art would be awesome form of therapy. Writing too.
Do you like horseback riding? The bond w/ a horse can be awesome and help in healing. It's something else I'd like to get back to-just no extra $, and I can't find any pt work to be around them.
I talk to you guys and my friend here. We tend to just go to the beach and chill out while our kids are running around playing. The beach is pretty theraputic for me. The sound of the waves crashing, wildlife, fresh air etc.
I found a pregnancy loss support group in my city. I went to my first meeting a couple weeks ago. I was feeling ok before, but it brought up a lot of feelings. Its been almost two months since my loss, and I think I had been distracting and suppressing my feelings, because I've been pretty depressed and emotional since the meeting. The best thing I got from it was that I left there with 8 more couples in my thoughts, and realized that I was probably in the thoughts of those same people. That made me feel a little better. I think I'll go back.
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