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alternative treatment for a staph infection....

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My daughter is almost 3 and has a staph infection. She has a constant rash on her bottom, zit like spots, not a diaper rash (she's potty trained) And she occationally gets a boil, which hurts her terribly.
Her doctor prescribed Cleocin. I'll treat her with this to make the infection go away, but I was looking for an alternative treatment or cure for her infection.
Does anyone know what I could do, or know of a website that can give me some suggestions?
Thanks so much
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I'm sorry to hear about the staph infection.
Did your doctor have it cultured?

My suggestion to you would be to keep everything clean. Keep your daughters nails short, wash hands frequently, change her underwear alot and wash all her clothes and bedding in hot water. I would also wipe down all the toilet seats after each use.
One person on this site used silver and seemed to be successful with that. I would contact a ND before using any natural treatments.
Good luck.
I forgot something.
My Infectious Disease doctor told me when I had staph (actually it was MRSA) that staph will infect any break in the skin. So please don't scrub too hard when bathing and to keep skin moisturized. Staph is stuborn and can be hard to get rid of. It lives every where, especially in the nose, so you might want to make sure your DD doesnt rub or pick her nose. I know that can be hard sometimes (at least with my DD it is).
Hi, Thanks for the advice.
Its actually not just her, i've gotten the boils, although rarely, so has her father (only about 3, over the past year) and her little sister(19m) got two in a row about 6m ago.
I've done research on staph infections, and figure that all of us need treatment at the same time, because if I get it out of evelyns system then anyone of us can give it back to her.
I dont know what tests her doc ran, I brought her in when she had a boil on her bottom, he drained it and tested the puss, came back and said that it was a staph infection. But I dont know if that means he had it cultured.
On her rash, that isnt going away on it's own,(doc said it is from the infection) every once in a while one of the "zit" like spots turns into a boil. I'm always *(trying) to keep it clean because i did read about it living on the skin...
I have this prescription for anitbiotics but am looking for alt methods, something that could treat all of us. but if it comes down to it I'll give her the antibiotics and see if it does come back.
thanks again
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Last summer I got reaccuring boils and also those little pustules (pimples). When I went to the dotor and had it cultred (sounds like your doctor did that) he said I had MRSA (MRSA is a staph infection that is resistent to alot of antibiotics). I went to see an infectious Disease specialist since I didn't want to mess around with staph.
Anyway, as you know it is quite contagious. Fortunatley no one else in my family got it. Since I am a germ-a-phobe, I was extra careful about keeping things clean. All towels were washed after one use in HOT water. I was driving my family crazy with the constant hand washing and housecleaning ( I have to admit that I went a little over the top).
Anyway, the boils eventulally stopped after two rounds of antibiotics. For a while I still got those pustules (pimples) and I never was sure whether they were just zits or MRSA.
I took lots of vitaminC, garlic, and I used Tea Tree oil soup. Someone on this thread used collidial silver and said it worked GREAT. I would check with an ND before using it on a child. Good luck, and if it makes you feel better, I would talk to an ND as well as an infectious disease specialist.
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IMO staph warrants medical treatment. But all the cleaning measures will help in the future, and keep this case from having complications.
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