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Okay, I sort of have two questions.

First, I just bought some California Innovations lunch coolers (with a lead safe tag on them) The problem is that they each come with a "500 ml aluminum sport bottle". Inside the bottles, there seems to be a goldish paint or coating.

I'm guessing we can't use these, right? If not, what in the world can I do with them? Also, I can't find the exact lunch box or info on the site, but perhaps someone else with superior search skills might be able to find on the site where they talk about their aluminum bottles. Hmmm.

Second, how can you tell is a metal bottle or thermos is stainless steel lined or aluminum lined? I almost bought a thermos type bottle at a sports store a few weeks ago that looked exactly like stainless steel (just like a stainless steel thermos I have) but then I read the insert, saying it was an aluminum bottle.

What if I find thermoses or sports bottles at garage sales? How can I know whether or not they will be safe?

Thank you in advance for your help and info.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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