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We went to the San Diego Zoo today... just me, 3yo ds, 4 mo old ds and my dad (who just had spinal surgery three weeks ago). I am notorious for forgetting to ask Dominic (3) if he needs to pee before starting on an adventure, so I was all proud of myself for remembering to have him go before we left the house today.

We got to the zoo and decided to do the bus tour. We get on the bus (maybe 40 mins since we left the house total) and five minutes in to the 45 minute bus tour, Dominic tells me he needs to pee... aargh... So, I'm trying to figure out if I can let him pee over the side of the bus without anyone noticing LOL (just KIDDING!!!) Then I remember that I brought cpf's for Kenton. So, I had Dominic take his pants down, I folded the cpf in half, then in thirds, and held it against his penis and told him to go for it. Now, this child has a bladder the size of the grand canyon.. . he can PEEEEEEEEE... so I was kind of afraid I'd end up with a puddle, but the CPF held it ALL!!!!! It was wringing wet by the time he was done, but it WORKED!!! There's no wayy I could have done that with a sposie

So, when out with a newly potty learned child, keep a pf on hand for emergencies!!! LOLOL!!

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