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Am I allowed to do this?

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Well, there aren't any posts in this forum yet, and I don't know if I'm allowed to be the first one, but...

I tested today (8 dpo
) and I got a fast, dark, BFP!

TCOYF gave me a due date of March 4th, so here I am! Hope this board gets going soon!
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Yeeeah Rachel! Congrats
I'm in the Feb due date forum- you can come join us there until this forum picks up!
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I'm not pg, but wanted to say congrats, Rachel!!

Ooooh! Sounds like it's time for some infant PFs!!!! :LOL
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Thanks everyone!

Welcome, cedarmom! What's your EDD?
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congrats! i'm from the october board. man the time just flies.
Congratulations!! I'm from the February board too; wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! A BFP 8 dpo?? Wow, that's awesome!
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congrats to you! we DTD without protection close to when i would be ovulating and i came here to lurk and see who else would be due in march if by some freak accident we got preggos.

so happy for you.

Congrats from the January board!!!
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I'm due March 1st. I'm on ummmm, another board (am I allowed to say that?
) with you as well.
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I gotcha.

Well, I sure wish this board was moving as fast as that one...
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me too. I keep checking hoping some new mamas have gotten their bfps.

Well, we'll just be all settled in once they arrive...ya know, have the furniture arranged the way we want it and have claimed top bunks. :LOL
congrats to you! we DTD without protection close to when i would be ovulating and i came here to lurk
Ditto. I just have a feeling. We were not ttc but we have found that we are VERY fertile and like I said, I have a feeling....

How soon is it realistic to test? I don't want to waste money trying to test too early, but I am anxious to know...
ooh! march babies.. im a march 1 baby and i always wanted my next to be born in march, but alas im having a november baby!

congrats mommas!!
Mamamillie, with my first baby I tested 5 days before I expected my period, and this time I tested a whole week early. I used the First Response Early tests, and I got definite positives both times. This time the line was so dark so fast that it kind of startled me! :LOL If I were testing casually, I would probably wait until no more than a couple of days before you are expecting your period. But, as you can see from my experience, it is definitely possible to get an answer sooner if you're dying to know!
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Hi everybody!

We just found out today and I can't stop smiling about it.....

Our due date is March 3rd. Sounds like we might have a busy first week of March!
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Hi! I found out yesterday that I'm expecting my second baby with an EDD of March 1. I'm so excited! I'm seeing the midwife on July 15, when I'll be eight weeks along.

So how's everyone feeling? I'm starving constantly, but also have had several visits from the Morning Sickness Fairy already. Also, I've been having to take preggo naps most afternoons. It's a good thing my two-year-old hasn't given up his nap yet!

I haven't decided yet whether to give tandem nursing a shot. I'm having latch-on pain when my little boy nurses in the morning, but it's not unbearable. I'm not sure whether more sibling rivalry would result if he did keep nursing, or if he didn't. For now, I'll just see what happens.
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