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Am I an ABC idiot?

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I STILL can't get my Mei Tai to be comfortable. I have tried every possible tying way and it kills my back and shoulders. What is wrong? I have never heard of anyone else who's had a problem with an ABC.
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Maybe make sure your little one is higher up on your back? I know if I have my 2 year old lower, the weight really hangs off my shoulders and hurts.
I know you've worked on this, so I'm going to skip all the suggestions for how to make it comfortable. Just wanted to say that not every carrier is for everyone. Just like some people don't do well with ring slings (my husband :p), or pouches, or carrying scarves, or... That's why it's great that there are so many choices out there! Maybe the ABC just isn't for you.
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I want to second what Melanie says. From my experience the ABC is one of the most versatile types of carriers (as far as fitting body types, being comfy for mom and baby and ease of use) and works wonderfully for *most* people. But I don't think there is any one sling or carrier that works perfectly for everyone. I have tons of suggestions to make them work but if you have already tried them all, then you may just be one of those people for whom they just don't "work" well and that is OK. Also, some people find they don't work when their baby is young but do when they get older and vice/versa.

Ya, you don't often hear of someone saying that their abc isn't working. But take comfort in the fact that it does happen from time to time, you are not the only one
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It may just be that this type of carrier uses different muscles for you that don't get worked as much as others. Maybe with more use it would get more comfortable? But if you can wear your Ergo comfortably, a back carry in the ABC shouldn't feel that different.
I find with the Ergo the weight is on my hips and with the Mei Tai all the weight is on my shoulders. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I've tried backpack style, crossing across the chest and twisting. I've tried over the legs, under the legs and behind the back. It is so frustrating because it is so beautiful and I want to use it!
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