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Am I crazy to consider wool for a newborn?

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With my current two kiddos, I used only PUL covers during the newborn stage, when their breastfed poo is at it's worst. Then it just rinses right off without any stains. Most of these covers have leg gussets too, which hold it all in.

But with this baby coming up, I am addicted to the idea of wool. It's so soft and pretty and cute
But really, have I forgotten everything my diaper mentors in the past taught me?
which was no wool until they are older?

Should I not buy any newborn size wool covers or soakers and wait? I can't remember at what age the poo becomes more firm and less messy?

I thought I would give you my wool-wish list so you can give me opinions on that too:
Disana Wool Soaker
Swaddlebees Merino Wool side snapping cover
Loveybums Wool Pull-on cover
Staccinator Stretch wool cover

Opinions? Thanks!
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We've used wool since birth with three of our kids. Should any poop get on the shorties/longies, we just rinse it off right away. We use mostly mama-made recycled wool.
I'm going to use wool but will probably have a lot of fitteds or do the jelly roll with prefolds.
I've used wool on the 10 week old since birth. We have both fitteds and prefolds. I try to wash the wool right away if she gets poop on it but that doesn't always happen and we're doing fine with it.
i have used wool exclusively with my two boys. i used PUL with my dd, before i discovered wool. i don't think it's crazy at all to use it with a newborn. i prefer it for breathability and comfort and aesthetics.

i don't have any experience with the covers you listed. for a newborn i would do soakers. they are the softest/easiest to use and no snaps. i love soakers.

i really don't care if they get a little poop on the inside of them. if they get stained, it washes out eventually, but in the meantime, it's a diaper cover, so i don't really mind. that being said, i've never had a soaker get a poop stain on it.
Cool, thanks!
I think I was afraid the poop would somehow ruin the wool, or be really difficult to wash out. It doesn't get trapped in all the little fibers too bad then?
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I have an Aristocrat soaker that we've used since my son was born. It's gotten poop stains on it (why they make it CREAM-colored, I have no idea!). I've just washed it and soaked it for a while, and it comes out. I've washed it right away... and waited a bit... and both times it's come out just fine.
I like Sugar Peas wool. I hear that Stacinator is too thin, that it leaks through. I loved wool on my newborn because it was so soft and snuggly, MUCH better than any pul cover in my opinion.

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the aristocrat soakers have been my favorite covers for DD since she was born. The poop is an issue I'll admit, and I struggled with it at first - posted lots of questions here about how to get it out, or how to magically fold the prefold to avoid leaking in the first place.

Now I just let it be - they're a tiny bit stained, but it's very faint. If I can get to the sink right away, it comes right off. If the poop sits on the wool for longer than it should (which happens a lot) I scrub lightly with a little olive oil soap or Eucalan and then let it soak for a looooong time and it always either comes out completely or leaves just the barest trace of stain.

At this point, I'd say I like having both - wool soakers for nighttime, for long travel in carseats, and for babywearing; wrap pul covers (I like cotton-lined) for daytime, for wearing under certain clothes, and for when the wool covers are drying

I've only ever used Aristocrat soakers and loooove them, I've also used an Imse Vimse wool wrap, which is nice too, but to me, the great thing about the wool is that it is so soft, and the wrap style wool covers kind of defeat that purpose for me. I've heard people rave about Disana though, I've been interested to try them myself.
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Go for it!

I would also recommend looking at Ruskovilla longies. They are great for newborns because they are soft and trim and have a ton of stretch so they will grow with your baby.
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