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Am I or Am I not?

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I would like to get a word from you wise ttc women while I wait for my ob/gyn appointment next Friday (yes, 14 more days!)

Last month, we were not exactly trying, but not preventing either. The fact is that we did it right on ovulation time. One day before my period was expected I got very little brownish spotting, the same thing occurred the following day. Then nothing for two days. For me it was a clear sign of pregnancy since I got the same with ds (now 30 months). So I bought the cheapest hpt I found. As soon as I started to pee on the ridiculous cup the test provides, some bright red blood started to pour. The test showed the faintest of the faintest line. I saw blood that day and the following as if I were having a very light period. Then came some spotting during three days (diminishing its intensity) and nada since Friday night.

What do you think?

- Was I pregnant and have lost it
- I've never been pregnant and the test was just kidding me
- I'm pregnant and the blood was just the in-famous implantation bleeding or some other strange happening

I feel quite pregnant, though I know those symptoms can definitively be in my head. Oh! I'm so confused, I don't know what to think/feel/say!

Your input will be very helpful to calm me down a little bit.


ps: I'm afraid of taking another test. Afraid of it giving me a false positive because my hormone level is still high, afraid of it giving me a false negative because my hormone level is still low... Besides I tried to take another one and was so sleepy that I sunked the stick in the pee even where it clearly said "do not wet above this line"
: Of course that one was negative... and I though my clumsyness was a message about not doing any more tests this week...
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I don't know technically what's going on, but my advise is that you behave as if you ARE pregnant. If you got a faint line, I think you're on your way to 9 months of internal growth!!!
I think you should go to your doctor now and have him make a test for you.
Congrats! or not.....
I have no idea, as my medical knoldge is next to nill...

But I do advice some deep breathing and send you the best positive energy!
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I think you are having a baby my friend

My friend Michelle and I were pregnant at the same time. I was a week ahead of her. She thought she wasn't pregnant because she had a little bleeding like you. To her it looked like a short period and not very heavy. Her description sounded like yours.

I think that if there was not pain involved with the bleeding, baby is fine
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That sounds promising. Did it seem like a regular period to you? Or was it very different than normal?

The only sure way to know is to get a test!! I would recommend calling your docs office and asking them about doing a blood test. You might not need an appointment for that, they might just be able to squeeze you in for a blood draw. That way you will know one way or the other.

Good luck!!
Thanks, ladies.

I know I sound weird for not going to the doctor, but I talked to him on the phone and he said to go in for an ultrasound since it was the only way to check what was going on...And he can only see me next Friday 15... I guess I can take a hpt in the meantime...

AdinaL: Not, it was not like a regular period, it was quite less blood, the lenght was also shorter and the colour was brighter.

Jula: I haven't had any pains, so I guess everything is fine

Anyways, I don't dare to celebrate yet. Though I haven't been to my climbing practices just in case...

Time will tell.

Thanks again for your words!
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iVANUKA!!!!!!! I'd do as Len said, behave as if you were!!
and keep on taking pg tests :LOL
no better.... relax!
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Iva, sounds like you are
!!!! I think that no one better than you to know and you already feel pregnant.
Only few more days to find out but I can't wait to tell you ........ CONGRATS!!!!!!
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I say take another hpt!

Maybe try a more sensative test this time...First Response Early Result.I'm not sure how sensative specifically thaty are but I know alot of people highly regaurd this particular test

Then you have to let us know RIGHT AWAY!!!!Hurry hurry!!
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booo. I took another hpt. It was negative.
I'm not in the US, so there aren't too many options (i think there are only two brands and this time I bought the most expensive, around 6.25 dollars) So I guess, I made it all up?

Of course, now I'm doubting the first test, the "signs", eveything.

Do those tests give flase positives?
Is a super faint line still a positive?

I'm going nuts. And I can't believe this is happening to me, cause I always thought I was not that "type" of person.
: So much for my own prejudices...


I'll beg my gyn to please see me tomorrow. I can't stand until Oct. 15 feeling like this...

Thanks for your support!
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I think it's more likely that you get a false negative than a false positive. I got a false negative the 1st time.
Just be patient and wait, but don't do anything you wouldn't do if you were
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oh yes, i am being patient... I'm sooo relaxed
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Last year when I suspected I was pregnant, I got a VERY faint line...and I was like: is it positive? I could barely see that line. A blood test confirmed I was definitely pregnant.
Thanks Worldshakerz!

I'm feeling better, maybe because today I'm going to the doctor (I'll sit there until he can see me
) and that at least feels proactive. I'm not sure if today he'll be able to let me know what's going on. He has an ultrasound machine there, but I'm not sure if at this point there's something to be seen. I ovulated around Sept. 10/11...

Thanks again for letting me vent!
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Edited to say, that I just read your other post, so what I had written doesn't make much sense... I just wanted to say my thoughts are with you in your Dr. appointment and I send you positive vivebes... but my mama mind was fuzzy and said it in Spanish...
for you! Please, please relax, you will find what you have to learn from all this... and take lots of care of youself too! Don't overanalyze it either!

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The ob/gyn did an ultrasound and he was cathegoric: your uterus is empty, there's nothing there.

So I guess, it was a false positive, or an early miscarriage or... I guess i will never know.

Deep in my heart I believe it was an early miscarriage, cause the symptoms were there, I swear, and the test was faint, but clearly positive. I feel strange, getting better every minute, but silly cause I had already started to fantasize and all...

Thanks again for being there.
just read! what a roller coaster
I pray the Lord gives you peace and comfort.
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