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Am I pregnant????

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OK, so today I wake up and my breast were really tingly. I did a preg test, and after 3 mins it was negative. Then I looked 5 mins later and there was a faint pink line #2. !!!! Wow, I was so happy, but then I questioned it.

I called my midwife office, they tell me to come in for a hcg blood test to be sure. When I got there they sent me to the hospital across the road so that I could get the results faster than waiting for them.
I just HAD to know for sure!!
So they drew the blood, and I waited for the result, and the lab tech came out and said that the result was Positive, almost 100% and asked how many periods I had missed. I haven't missed any, but my cycles are now longer (45 days) and my period is approx 3 days long, which is great IMO!!
She said that the result showed that the pregnancy was not in it's early stages??? but seemed to be in a hurry so I didn't ask anymore questions, although I am kicking myself now!!

I will call the DR office tomorrow to get more info, but anyone else have any opinions?
Sorry it is so long, but it seems an eternity to have to wait until tomorrow!
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WOW, I can't believe they kept you waiting! Good luck!!! Let us know what's up!
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Is it possible that your last period was really implantation bleeding? That might explain it...

Here's hoping for ya, mama!
sounds like implantation bleeding...have they scheduled you for an u/s ? (ultrasound) I had my dates all wrong when i first found out i was pregnant and thought i was 6 weeks along when i was actually 10 weeks along (according to the u/s)....
Thanks for all your replies. I will get in touch with the Dr. office today. They had something wrong with their phone system yesterday, so hopefully it will be back to normal today!! I just have tyo know what is going on!Thankyou for all your good wishes. I will keep you posted
: Oops, one too many!
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After thinking about the breakthrough bleeding that you were suggesting I remebered that I had an annual exam on Monday.She gave the usual pap test and also an internal. She would have been able to tell if I was pg right??
I think they can usually tell on exam, your cervex is blue or something like that (I think that's what my midwife said). But then again, I don't know how significant that is. I mean, when they are looking for it surely they can tell, but it could be one of those things where all women are different and you might not turn as blue as others and so maybe it wasn't seen as something out of the ordinary. Or maybe the color of your cervex was within the range of normal both for pregnant and for not pregnant.

I know I had an earlier, unexpected pregnancy that didn't stick, and the doc definitely knew I was pg before she sent me for the blood test because of my exam. She didn't tell me, but looking back she knew, while I was convinced I wasn't because at 7 weeks I still wasn't turning any tests (not even the one in the office). Maybe that's because it wasn't a sticker. But in any case, in that situation she suspected, so she was looking for it. I don't know if it would have been noticed otherwise.
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I think the HCG/quantitative is the ultimate pregnancy indicator other than ultrasound...many woman show negative on HPT for a long's just not in their urine but in the blood...

Also, high #'s on quant can indicate multiples...

If they are looking for blue tinge to cervix for pregnancy then it's a great indicator however this doesn't usually show for some women til later in pregnancy.

I say...yes you are pregnant.

Hi back again. Well I finally got throught o the nurse, and she looked up my resluts and confirmed the blood test results. So yes we are having another baby!!!! We are so excited, and a little shocked, but very , very happy!!
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Originally Posted by ella-makes-3
Hi back again. Well I finally got throught o the nurse, and she looked up my resluts and confirmed the blood test results. So yes we are having another baby!!!! We are so excited, and a little shocked, but very , very happy!!


Now, does this mean you're gonna have to change your screen name?
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Yep, that thought did cross my mind today. I shall have to rack my poor pregnant brain for a name!!
checking in for an update...congratulations!!!
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