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Am I the only one who does this (NIP question)?

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We were at Walmart yesterday buying paint and Olivia starting tugging on my shirt saying Diddy (her word for nurse). I said just a minute sweetie but she was insistent so I plopped down on the floor to the side of the aisle, leaned against the racks and nursed her while they mixed my paint. I was right out in the open (although discreet) and I didn't care. I do this all the time, whenever the need arises. My sister and mother are both absolutely mortified when they are with me! So is anyone else as weird as me?
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At Pike's Place market I sat down to the side of the big walkway and about a million people watched me NIP. I didn't care.
With dd1, I became the expert at nursing anywhere, anytime. I have nursed in practically every store I have gone into! We would just plop down wherever we had to (I tried to stay out of people's way so we wouldn't be tripped over). I would also nurse her while walking around (once I finally got the hang of that).

with my first yes, with my 2nd no way- to nervous of one getting snatched or into something while i nurse the other.
I've done that, I have also sat in the middle of store displays if it has a
I have sat on office chairs on display in Office Depot to NIP. Those chairs & tables were located in the middle of the store. A few pple walked by and they just didn't care.

Now, I can NIP ds(18mo) in a sling while pushing the grocery cart and walking at the same time. Sometimes, one of ds's arm is on the 'non-suckling' breast. Pple may have given me a quick look, then look away.
I've done that in all sorts of places. I do look for a bench or chair simply because it's more comfy than the floor, but sometimes that has to do!
The older and more experienced NIP I've gotten, the less I've cared. My dh gets all embarrassed and tries to find the most discreet place possible, but when you gotta feed, you gotta feed!
My ds almost always has to nurse when i am buying meat at the farmer's market ! Luckily the farmer's kids were all bf'd so...something about all that yummy sausage

but yeah i tend to just latch on and go about my business - just doesn't seem fair to the babe to act otherwise, ykwim?
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I breastfeed everywhere. I'm not discreet about it, either. I don't think it's weird. What I think is weird is doing otherwise.
I will NIP anywhere now. I have never had to sit on the floor but if I had to I would. Hey if a baby is hungry what do you do? right?
I will bf anywhere I am with my baby. I am discreet when I nurse, but I don't hide, it's just that when I pull up my t shirt, there isn't a lot showing.
I have bf in many, many stores, coffee shops, libraries, ...
and the funny thing is, the ONLY place I have ever been asked to stop - or take it elsewhere - was Babies R Us!!! Get a grip.

I politley declined & she (the saleswoman) didn't push it. I was using a glider that was on display at the back of the store.

The irony never ceses to amuse me...

Yes, but I usually just keep walking. Mostly because I'm not very patient about sitting still, not as a matter of principle. However, my DD2 has her own answer to this, which is that she likes to nurse sitting up, kindof on my hands, so it isn't the easiest.

But yes, I'll nurse wherever. Last public one of interest was sitting on a bench in front of an antique store in a nearby small town. I wondered whether I was inhibiting or encouraging business, but no one commented.

My nicest experience lately was nursing outside right after I ran a marathon 3 weeks ago, and a woman came by and gave me a big grin and said "Good for you" and patted my shoulder.

mom to Emily (4.5) and Hazel (almost 2!)
Wherever we are, when ds wants to nurse, we nurse there.
We nurse everywhere too. Last time we were in Wal-mart, one of the fabric dept ladies saw DS fussing and offered me the bench there to nurse him (hooray for her for just assuming I was nursing and trying to help me out!!) but I always head for the furniture dept (comfy office chairs) or the garden center(comfy gliders). Sometimes I just nurse him in the sling and keep walking, but it's kinda nice to sit down. I'm sure that even those people who are offended by nip would be even more offended by a screaming baby.(and if they'd rather hear the kid cry, tough for them! LOL)
Yep! All the time.

If your mother and sister think that's embarassing, then just tell them of the woman you met who has tandem nursed a toddler and preschooler around a pregnant belly in the aisles of Walmart and other stores ... or about the mom who has nursed a toddler in the massage chair at Brookstone at the mall, you know the one in the doorway to the store so all passersby can see it? :LOL Those would be me!!! Oh, and I'm the mom in the store whose one child is yelling "I want to murse!" and the other one is yelling "Me, too! Me too!" (and I used to have a "Me three!" in there, too!).

Originally Posted by monkaha
I'm sure that even those people who are offended by nip would be even more offended by a screaming baby.
Yup! This notion empowers me to NIP all the time!!
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I LOVE nursing at Brookstone. Mine used to have a hammock. It was divine!
Good for you mama!

Nope, I am very matter of fact about nursing. I have found that if I delay my DD by looking for somewhere to go, she gets really loud and draws more attention to me than I get by NIPing :LOL

I really look forward to NIPing her when she is a toddler. I feel so unbelievably powerful when I do it

T but, I think "diddy" is sooooo cute! I really hope my DD has a neat little name for nursing when she can talk.
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