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Am I the only one whose feet grow each pregnancy?

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With the first my feet lengthened an entire size. Now I am only at 10wks and my shoes are to tight to feel comfortable. It stinks because they never regained their original size so all my shoes got given away and I only bought two pairs to replace all of the others. Now those two pairs will no longer fit! Anyone else going through this?
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I'm not pregnant, but I saw this thread and had to chime in. Yes, this happened to me too. After four kids, my feet are 1.5 sizes bigger. It's not bloating or weight gain, they are permently larger (which bums me out-- my feet weren't small to begin with).
I knew that feet get bigger in pg, but didn't know until several months after dd was born that mine weren't going to go back to their old size! I can wear most of my old shoes, though, but some are out of the question.

I think it's not at all uncommon. The extra weight you are carrying plus the relaxin (when it comes) cause the ligaments in your feet to stretch. The bones spread out and the feet get bigger. Ligaments do not bounce back like tendons to, or if they do, it's very slow.

I would suggest, as you are choosing new shoes, to look for quality ones with good support. That will minimize the effect.
Thanks, I didn't know that. I was going to go for the cheapest as I don't know how long they will fit, but if it will help them not grow so much I'll buy some quality ones.
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