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Am I the only one???

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Question for anyone, but especially student moms...

I am in school, have a husband who is also in school, and we have two kids (the 5 year old goes to school, but we don't have childcare for the 2 year old, when I'm in class, dh has her). Every semester, especially around this time, I find that I don't have any energy for anything extra. I've been invited to several things that any normal person would think would be really fun, and I have declined all of their invitations. I don't usually let myself feel guilty about things, but I'm kind of wondering about this one.

Any free time I have, I'd rather be in comfy clothes hanging out with the family, outdoors talking to the neighbors, etc.

Do I get overwhelmed by things too easily? Does anyone else find themselves doing this? Just curious...
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you are certainly not the only one. dh works full-time, often with much overtime; i am a full-time doctoral student. we have two kids and try to work opposite hours so the baby doesn't have to be in daycare (dd goes to preschool 3 mornings a week). it can be crazy and we have let a lot of personal interests slide because of our schedules.
It sounds perfectly normal to me.
: I would think just a stay-at-home mom of 2 children would feel much the same after long days. It's called motherhood I guess.
Sometimes it just doesn't leave much room for anything else.
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You are definately NOT the only one! I am the same way. It's funny how our priorities change once we have babies. I no longer care to go out and drink, do BBQ's with friends or much of anything. I would rather be home with DD or DH especially because I am working. If I weren't working, it might be a different story, because I'd probably need a break. Because I do work, I miss my girl and husband so much that I want to revel in their presence when I get home. I don't have time for much else, unless I can bring DD along. I am also more selfish about when I DO go out. I have been declining most things that aren't done with DH. My priority is him (and DD) so I make date night with him the priority.

Exercise is the one caviat. I want to stay healthy, so I've decided to go out exercise outings with friends to keep up with them. I will be inviting them jogging or hiking this summer if they want to catch up. That way I can catch up with them and get some exercise at the same time.

Anyway, I can totally relate... you are NOT alone!! Stick to what feels right for you and your family. If your friends really care, they will understand. Some may not, and that's okay. Remember that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Good luck!!
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I barely have enough energy for school! Some nights when ds just won't go to sleep and I know I have a paper due or test the next day I feel like I'm never going to make it through. You definately aren't alone! I barely ever have time to go eat lunch with my best friend anymore- I haven't really been on an "outing" since ds was born.
I am also in school full time and DP works full time. I don't feel bad about declining to do stuff but for me, I know that seeing friends and being a little social makes me feel better. I would definately prefer to be home with family but DP likes to do things, visit friends, etc. So we all go and afterward I always feel better about myself, remembering that I do have friends!
The only way that I stay sane is by having very few if any social activities. Dh and I work full time and the only time we have as a family is nights and weekends. I want to be with my girlies every minute that I can. All of our socializing is with the kids in tow. We might have people over for dinner or a play date. We rarely go out alone--maybe twice for an hour each time since dd2 was born. Honestly, this is fine with us. Right now dh and I are connecting with each other as parents. If we want to see friends, we invite them to our house.

I'm one of the few full time WOHMs that I know that isn't completely stressed out. I think I manage this because I have really only two things in my life: work and family. It's the only way it is manageable. And it makes me happy!
i'm finishing up a term on my church council and i like using ds as a reason to escape some of the more tedious duties! i also like that i have a reason to zip out of seminars early and skip the more tedious conferences away from home.
This makes me feel so much better...thank you!

Someone aboved mentioned making an acception for working out, and I do workout 6 days a week (3 days cardio, 3 days strength). I completely agree, that one is worth making time for for me, because it improves my mental health and physical health.

I am helping to plan a small neighborhood Easter cook-out, and I'm doing that because I love the people we live around, it's low key and the kids can come--so some things still sound fun and are worth making time for. But that's rare these days!

Anyway, thanks again.
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I'm the same way. I go to school full time, my husband goes to school full time and works full time and we have two girls ages 8 and 4 that we homeschool.....there is not enough energy in my body to do much more then that! I do try to workout a few times a week but that is it.

I can't wait 'till summer break!
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