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Am I the world's worst beginning knitter

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or did other ppl have trouble with the rib stitch when they first started knitting? I mean, it sounds so simple; k2p2, repeat to end of row; then k the k & p the p. No biggie. Except that I think I kept bringing my yarn around wrong - it says in SnB "bring yarn between the needles to the front" or "bring yarn between the needles to the back", but do you bring the yarn around the *left* side of the right needle, or the *right* side of the right needle? I'm just trying to make the most pitiful little ribbed scarf, and I had to keep frogging my dang knitting b/c I'd get to the 2nd row and it looked like a spider on acid had woven the fibers together! :LOL I finally just cast on 6 stitches and practiced over & over & over, and I think I might finally have it, but I'm not sure, and I'm afraid that I'll just mess up again when I try knitting the scarf. Any help/suggestions?
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The yarn always goes between the two needles.
As long as it's going in between the two, you won't mess up. Just flip it up and over the top.
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my suggestion is :LOL to skip the purl stitch altogether. Seriously I avoided it for the first three or four projects I did.
Ribbing is tough, especially when you can't tell a knit from a purl just by looking at it. Try doing something in stockinette first to get the hang of purling a whole row, then try a rib.

My first LTK soaker's waistband is a mess because I kept skipping ribs and doing the wrong thing... and I am definitely from the Just Keep Going school of knitting, rather than the Frog and Start Over school LOL

Jaye- It sounds like you are going to have the hang of it in no time- bring the yarn between the two needles and you will be fine.

Ribbing is a lot slower than the designs with horizontal or smooth textures... just so you know- if this project is forming your idea of what knitting speed is like- you are probably going at less than 1/2 of your speed potential (as in knitting square inches of material) by doing a rib design. Don't get discouraged!

Love Sarah
Don't worry, it really does get easier. I started off hating to purl, and now I can do it just as easily as the knit stitch.I pretty much knit and frogged stuff for month or so while learning!

Originally Posted by Leilalu
Don't worry, it really does get easier. I started off hating to purl, and now I can do it just as easily as the knit stitch.I pretty much knit and frogged stuff for month or so while learning!
I'm a brand new knitter too, and I just got some yucky yarn and practiced, practiced and practiced! My first try at ribbing I brought the yarn under the whole thing, talk about U-G-L-Y! :LOL I'm getting better, at least now I can recognize a mistake... next I'm going to work on figuring out how to fix them!
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I purchased Stitch and Bitch when I first started knitting (which was only 3 months ago). I liked being able to look at pictures step by step. My second (unfinished) project is a ribbed (k2 p2) that I am making for DH. Well I am finished my first of two balls and I just got bored so i moved onto something else and pick it up every now and then. Winter is months away. So don't worry, you will get there. I know it can be very frustrating!
i had so much trouble with ribbing wheni first started. at first i couldn't figure out what they meant by bringing the yarn over and i was basicaly adding more stitches by doing a yarn over i think. then..i couldn't tell whether i was supposed to knit or purl so after the first row things turned into a mess...

but i got it after soem practice..and once you have it figured out it's easy.
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I'm having the hardest time getting the rib stitch too. I stayed up so late last night trying. The problem was the more tired I got, the worse it was.
When I first started ribbing I had to tell myself...yarn back, knit 2...yarn forward, purl 2...over and over.

You'll get it, it just takes practice.
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I've got it! Actually, I got it several days ago, and now I have about 2 feet of the SnB "ribbed for her pleasure" scarf knitted. It now seems really easy - funny how that works.
No, I'm the worst. I've been learning for a year and I'm having trouble casting on. CASTING ON.
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it took me some major practice.. but im pretty good now. my first ribbing project i ripped it out about 10 times before i was happy. i think a big thing is getting comfy with purling. i know i wasnt before. i can do it asleep wit h me eyes closed now though :LOL tension is also important. i usually use smaller needles, then move to bigger ones for the body. it hepls the ribbing be tighter. good luck! you will get there!
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