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Am I there? :)

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'Due date' is April 10th, this morning I felt sharp pains in my lower belly and a general and quite uncomfortable tightness all around. Also pressure tickles on what feels like the mouth of my cervix.

I'm mucous-y (haven't lost the plug to my knowledge) and feel stretching in my vaginal area. Been having period-like cramps off and on, sometimes moderately severe and at regular intervals (4-8 minutes apart).

I WANT TO MEET MY SON. Am I close? Anyone? I'm so nervous and excited and the suspense is suspenseful!
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Sounds like things are happening. Wether or not they mean labor has started is very hard to say just relax and see if the crampy feeling keep coming gets stronger and more intense. Good Luck to you and a happy birthing. May you soon feel your baby in your arms.
The way my previous midwives explained it to me really helped.

Every new development is like putting change in a jar. It all gets you closer to having a full jar, some changes more, some changes less, but they're all progress.

You're closer! Could be this week, could be in 3 weeks, but you're closer.

After battling prodromal labor for 6 weeks with my last baby, I have sworn off believing "due date"s.
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I'm just a bundle of new-mom anticipation!
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Just remember to keep eating well and resting as much as you can with all that new-mom anticipation keeping you on the edge of your seat.. wish i had done that with my first, lol.. was SOO exhausted by the time bub decided it was really time to head on out.

Excited for you too!
So exciting!! I'm in the same boat as you, due 4/11, and every little new sensation has me wondering, oooooo, maybe this is IT!! I've gone a bit early with both my previous labors, so I hope this one is the same
Good Luck with the waiting game, try to enjoy it

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*crosses fingers*

Early labor, early labor, early labor for us all!
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I hate to say it, but I had this exact same stuff going on for weeks before the birth.
Make no mistake, though, it *is* happening. Just don't get discouraged if it does so slowly.
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How are you feeling today ladies? If it helps at all, I didn't have any labor is impending feelings at all and I went into labor very suddenly and my son was born in 5 hours. Happy birthing vibes to you!
For a few days, a bit freaked.

Ryo wasn't moving much, and I had this odd 'suddenly I don't feel pregnant' sense. Another day of that, I would've ended up strapped to a bed with an IV of pitocin in my arm!

He's groovin' now and I'm back in tune, but it was a nervy lapse.

As far as laborish feelings, some pokey-pressure in my cervix, light cramping, and stretched-out vagina. I've pretty much let go of expectations as far as when. Baby will come when he wants to!

Edited to add:

Yes DinD, that actually does help...keep thinking I have to go through some 'labor symptom checklist'...good to know I don't!
oh, have a wonderful, autonomous birth. i remember fondly my early days as a mom of one...(heartbeat)...
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