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Am I wearing her properly?

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Can you all tell me whether I'm wearing my little one properly? She's 9 weeks and seems pretty content, but I'm not sure...she seems sort of twisted around me in there!


front view
side view
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My guess is she's sleeping so she's fine! If you are comfy and she's not fussy I think you are good. My kids as young as days old preferred to be upright though instead of cradled.
I found that I was more comfortable with that strap where the rings are pulled over further to the end of my shoulder. Does that make sense? It looks like you have it fairly close to your neck. I felt that baby was scrunched that way and by just pulling the ring part further off my shoulder and away from my neck made it more roomy.


Good Luck!

I love carrying my DD. Keep trying different things, you'll find something comfortable for you!
She looks really good in there! Not too deep in the pocket and at a very good height on you.

You can try pulling the shoulder strap a little away from your neck, but other than that, I think you have a really good carry there.
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Oh yeah, that should be on your shoulder, not your neck!
thanks for the advice. I'll try her more upright too--she likes being carried that way so it would make sense to put her in the sling like that.

Thank you!
try to spread the shoulder part out if you can (it depends on the type of shoulder fold of your sling). spreading the fabric will distribute her weight more evenly and make he more snug. Pull the edge of the tail that is toward the middle of your body to tighten the outer edge of the sling and make her more secure.
if she's sleeping, imo, she's fine! generally they let ya know if they're uncomfy. LOL
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