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<span>Hi Mamas!! This might be cross posted a few different places since it kind of incorporates a lot of different areas!!<br><br>
I <b><i><span style="text-decoration:underline;">*really*</span></i></b> need some advice/support/opinions!!!<br><br>
Here's the background:<br><br>
I'm 24 years old. My DH and I have one daughter who's 2.5 years old and she is still nursing. I have always pretty much planned on her weaning when <b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">SHE</span></b> was ready. I've been fine with the amount she nurses. She nurses about 3 times a day right now. In the morning, once in the afternoon, and an hour or so before bed.<br><br>
The situation:<br><br>
I have 10 mercury amalgam fillings. We want to be pregnant in the near future very badly. I was tested with a Urine Toxic Metals test by my chiro and it showed that I have the highest level of lead that is still considered in "normal" range, and to me that seems pretty high. The second highest heavy metal is mercury, and then nickel.<br><br>
DD has several cavities. Chiro thinks her teeth may be weak as well as her bones because my fillings might be causing the mercury to pass to DD, in which the lead in the fillings is being leached and replacing DD's bone strength. Regular mainstream Dentist wanted to do General anesthesia for DD in a hospital and put crowns and fillings in them. We got a second opinion, and found a holistic dentist who does ozone treatments and was so glad we didn't do the crowns (they contain nickel).<br><br>
I'm struggling because I KNOW that there are two times when the body is exposed to high amounts of mercury: when putting amalgam fillings in the mouth, and then when taking them out (as well as any time you eat or drink anything hot).<br><br>
The thing is, in order to have them removed, I'd have to wean my daughter!! I don't even really know *how* to wean since I never thought I'd really have to DO anything.<br><br>
I'd have to get the fillings taken out and replaced during 3-4 appointments, and I'd have to be taking supplements to help me detox while I am doing it (chiro wants to put me on OSR#1).<br><br>
This is why I'd have to wean...because they simply can't remove the fillings in one visit, and because I obviously don't want to pass on any mercury to my daughter!<br><br>
The opinions/help I'm looking for:<br><br>
1. If you were me, 24 years old (plenty of time to have more children), 10 mercury fillings, 2.5 year old still nursing a few times a day, wanting to be pregnant and expand your family, would you suck it up and wean your 2.5 year old in order to get the fillings removed to not harm your future children?<br><br>
2. Would you wait until you finished having children to have the mercury fillings removed? My other fear is that I will get my fillings removed and yet not chelate the mercury out of my body, and then I'd get pregnant with the mercury still at high levels in my body.<br><br>
3. Is there anything I could do to dry my milk up completely and still allow my daughter to suckle for comfort - especially since she doesn't nurse very often and very long (the nutritional aspect of breastfeeding is something I can come to terms with easily, it's the psychological effect having her wean and stop before she is ready that would bother me. Bfing is such a part of the way I "mother" that I'd be kind of lost w/o it at times!)? Would medication to dry the milk up completely be an option - and I am SO not a medication person, but at this point I'm considering it!)?<br><br>
I guess these are my major questions. I'm hoping someone has advice, because I could really use some.<br><br>
What would you do?<br><br>
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