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Amazing Birth Story (X-P in Special Needs/Poss Trigger)

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A friend forwarded me the link to this blog entry, it is an amazing, raw, beautiful birth story with such beautiful pictures. I have started reading all of the other entries and this mama's musings and photos are so interesting. I think she needs a little of our support in the comments section. It's long, but worth it and get the tissue box handy!

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Someone sent me that link a few days ago too and it really made me cry - I've been following her blog now too and love watching their story unfold
This birth story and the pictures were so beautiful and moving, it really touched my heart.
That was SO beautiful. She captured a really hard spot so well and so raw.
Someone posted about this several weeks ago, and I read it then.

If you haven't read it, it is so worth it. She is so strong, and I like her style of writing too. Thanks for the reminder, I hadn't remembered to keep up with it.
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