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I have this old out of print book (ebay or old bookstores???) called On the Road to Make Believe. It was published in the 1920's and is all in rhyme. It has some wonderful children's poetry in it. (Just as a warning in case anyone can find it - it also has a few very racially inappropriate ones too! We skip over those ones!) The book belonged to my grandmother as a child and still has her young childish handwriting of her name inside the front cover.

Here is a poem out of it...

Introductory poem

On The Road to Make-Believe

There's a road that leads to Everywhere
The road to Make-Believe
It runs away in broad daylight
Through fields of daisies brown and white
To wonder cities silver-bright
In far off Make Believe-
A right road, a white road
A fragrant blossom bright road
A noonday dream delight road
The road to Make Believe

When rosy sunset colors light
The road to Make Believe
Knight and prince and lady fair
Giant and fairy travel there
To cloud build golden castles where
They live in Make Believe
A gray road, a gay road
A vagrant haunted fay road
A sweet enchanted play road
THe road to make believe

And one more...

Summer Time a the Seashore

Summer time, the rolling sea,
A blue and smiling sky
White saiils gleaming in the sun
White sea birds sailing by

Miles on miles of sun warm sand
long leagues of cool green sea -
All the world was glad to play
With sister Dot and me

Dot and I were building
A great sand castle there
With towers battlemented
With turrets round and square

With shell topped walls for safety
A deep ditch dug about
To keept he prowling Giants
And popeyed Goblins out.

We had a narrow gateway
Right through the wet sand wall
So our good friends the Fairies
Might reach the castle hall

Many hereoes passed the gate
Who came from legends old
From stories in came trooping
Warriours brave and bold

They guarded our grim castle
So we like knights might ride
And hunt for golden dragonds
That in sea caves abide

On driftrwood sticks for horses
We galloped down the beach
The coward Dragons heard us
And hit far out of reach

Then came a crested giant
Foam covered from the deep
With one swift blow he tumbled
Our castle in a heap

Since then I've heard it whispered
That ofttimes in the night
When summer seas are shining
In the white moon's silver light

The fairy children come to dance
In pixy rings about
The ruins of our castle
Where waves wash in and out.

Those are 2 of my favorites - not all are quite that fun!
I think I"m ok putting them on here as they are so long out of print and copyright....

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They are great and I think children will love them. The poems sounded familiar and I think I must have encountered the same book at some point...but no hope at all I'll remember when or where.
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