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amber and/or hazelwood necklaces for nausea and heartburn

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to post about the latest few things that I am trying to feel better. I just ordered these necklaces: amber for inflammation and hazelwood for nausea and impending heartburn. I don't have heartburn yet, but I *know* it is coming for me! Actually, I am not 100% sure which necklace does what, so I am planning to wear them both at the same time. Plus, they are cute.

I started looking into them b/c one of our LLL ladies had one for her daughter at our meeting on Friday. It was amber, and very cute. I asked her about it because I had heard of it before, but didn't know anything. I asked her whether her daughter chewed on it because I thought they were for teething. NO!
Anyhow, they help with teething by wearing the necklace. The amber resin in warmed by the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream. It has properties that help with inflammation, especially rashes, arthritis, and so forth. Also, headaches, which I am getting lately.

Anyhow, just google those and you'll find a bunch of links. The hazelwood helps to balance acidity in the body and improve digestion. I am actually very optimistic that this one will help me because digestion is my problem, I think. I take about three shots of raw apple cider vinegar every day, and it helps a lot with the nausea. I am 12 weeks, by the way. With my first two pregnancies, I was nauseous pretty much the whole nine months, so I am somewhat expert
: in various remedies.

Please post here if you try them. I won't get mine until probably Wednesday or so, depending on shipping. I would love to hear if you already know about these, and what you think.
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