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Amby baby users?

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Has anyone here tried this? It is recommended on Dr. Sear's website for those whose kids (or maybe whose parents) like their space. My first had to be with me but my second actually wanted his own space however he had reflux and needed to be propped up a bit to prevent him from spitting-up, coughing-up all night long. I still kept him with me the first 4 months but then he went into the co-sleeper. He loved the swing and this was helpful with his reflux but I didn't ever bring it up into our bedroom.

This seems like it might be a nice alternative to a co-sleeper. Any thoughts from those who have used it?
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We used an Amby bed from the time DS was 2.5 to 5 months old. We would have used it longer, but he outgrew it. (He is over the 90th percentile for both height and weight. Most babies would be able to use it longer than 5 months.)

One benefit of the Amby bed is that it elevated DS's head and upper body just slightly. DS never spit up in his Amby bed! This was a huge change from lying flat on our bed or in his crib.

My only regret is that we didn't try the Amby bed sooner. Supposedly, if you use it from birth (or shortly thereafter), the baby gets better accustomed to the slight motion and feel of the Amby bed, sleeps more soundly, and is more likely to experience the benefits of it (which are described on the Amby bed website). We are hanging on to our Amby bed to give it a try with our second child (unless that child seems to like family bed, which DS does not--weird, I know).

We bought our Amby bed on Ebay for about half the regular price.

Hope this helps!
Ooh thanks. Yes, the other reason it would have helped with ds#2 is that he had horrible ear infections and trust me I tried *everything* conventional and natural and that may have been one thing to help his head drain a little better. Who knows, every baby is different.

My babies grow very quickly so chances are 5 mo.s would be tops as well.
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