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Amby vs. Happy Hangup

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I'm due in Oct with my second child. DS #1 was really, really hard to get to sleep. He had "colic" and would just cry for no reason, non-stop for hours. I tried everything, diet change (thought maybe something in my milk bugged him) etc. The only way to get hiim to sleep was to go for a long car ride with my boob in his mouth (It really hurt my back feeding him in the carseat). Walking/slinging him for hours did nothing, it had to be the car. Now he is two and I know if the next babe is the same way (hopefully not) we can't just pack into the car at all hours to get the new baby to sleep. I really want to try an Amby or Happy Hangup but wanted to get some input from parents who used them for naps or cranky babies. Do you like yours? Have you tried both? What is your favorite feature?

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I have an Amby and love it! I used it from a couple weeks on and did not have any problems with dd sleeping. Not sure if the Amby contributed (she does love any sort of motion, loves it loves it loves it!!!) but it just seemd to be such a comforting, comfortable sleeping arrangement. I liked that it rocked when she moved and was not a flat surface, it was also easy to travel with and set next to our bed nicely. She had no problems transitioning from it to our bed and vise versa during times that she slept with us. She is 7 mo now and has grown out of it,
(she is a big girl, 24lbs)

I can't imagine not using it for our next child!

I have not heard of the other! I will have to check it out!
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Not to discourage using either of those, but I'd say the best thing for a cranky baby is to wear him in a sling or wrap.
I did that. It didn't work. Really, I walked around the house with DS in a sling for hours and hours and hours and he still cryed. Since he would go to sleep in the car, I think it was a different kind of motion he needed. I'm just trying to get a feel for my options.
Use an Amby for some naps and she starts the night there, mostly. We still do a lot of holding - first baby! Also slung a lot for naps when she was little. But, we do like the Amby and can usually transition her from nursing in arms to it. When she stirs, she'll drift back to sleep w/ the gentle motion unless she is hungry.

We got the 40 lb. spring and are using it for our 13 mo. old, 21 lb babe.

Have not heard of the other product.
I have an Amby Bed and it was great for my first babe, and now my second. I love it! I use it for naps and at night. (I also sling during the day in the house while I'm working, and while I'm out running errands.) I have to add though, that I SWADDLE for naps and night-time sleep, even in the Amby Bed. I think this is key.
I have the Amby and dd LOVES it!! Mine also sleeps better in it when she's swaddled...sleeps better swaddled in our bed too.

My dd also likes sleeping in her swing during the day. She really likes the side to side motion.

The Amby has a much gentler motion...not like a swing. But you can sit there and push it to swing or tie a string to it to pull on it to get it to swing.

The Amby sits really nicely right next to our bed and it's really easy to get her in and out of there, even in the middle of the night.
We have an Amby and like it, although she's not a particularly cranky baby. We've used it since about 4 weeks when we were concerned she might have a touch of reflux. I don't usually put her in it for naps since she takes those in the sling or with me, but at bedtime she nurses to sleep and then goes into the Amby for most of the night, usually til 5 am, when she wakes to eat and comes to bed with me. It's right next to our bed and not annoyingly huge. I also like it better than crawling around the cosleeper tied to the bed. She usually sleeps straight through, so I don't know if that's just her or the bed. Once in a while she'll rouse a little, and if I give the bed a bounce, she will go back to sleep.

Stacy - we actually stopped swaddling in the Amby since the manual said not to do that for safety. I find the little movements she makes when she's in a sleep sack actually work well to rock the bed and keep her out.
We have an Amby and I am loving it. She doesn't nap in it, she normally naps in my arms or on the floor in the livingroom on a blanket because she just doesn't nap for very long at all. But at night, holy cow this girl sleeps like crazy in the Amby. She is almost 7 weeks now and sleeps for usually about 5-7 hours for the first stretch in the Amby and then she joins us in bed for another hour or two of nursing/sleeping. I like it also because it fits in our room and currently we only have a 2 bedroom place and 3 kids, so we had to fit her in our room. I have decided it was completely worth the money and I will keep it for any future babies as well. Oh, and if your kid doesn't like it, the resale value on ebay or the trading post is pretty darn good.
I too was considering the amby ..I had never heard of the happy hangup. It looks really cool also....Please let me know what you think.
I love the amby. Our son is 5 months and still using his all the time. My question for you all is how did you transition from the amby to the crib? We are doing it soon and not looking forward to it.
Never used a happy hang up but we were happy with our Amby when my youngest was a baby.
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