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I have the Ameda Purely Yours. We debated for a long time over which pump to buy. The problem was that the shields were too small for my nipples. So I bought the larger horns (30.5mm) before I had my baby.<br><br>
Now that I am actually pumping, I've found the 30.5mm is still too small. Ameda does not make a larger horn.<br><br>
I originally didn't want the Medela pump because it is an open system. But they make a larger horn, 36mm to be exact. So now I have a brand new Ameda Pump, which tears my nipples to shreds.<br><br>
As any good internet forum junkie, I conducted an experiment. Some may call this "taking one for the team" - I can't be the only one with nipples as big as North America.<br><br>
DH and I took a little roadtrip over to Babies 'R Us. They had the 36mm horn in stock. I picked up a package and couldn't wait to get home to start modifying my pump. I wasn't about to buy ANOTHER pump... afterall, the pumps are almost identical. I just had to find the peripheral parts that fit my abundance of nipple real estate.<br><br>
I quickly learned that Medela uses a much softer plastic in their horns. A side note- this plastic was much nicer against my breast.<br><br>
First, I attempted connecting the Large Ameda shield to the Medela 36mm PersonalFit Shield.<br><br>
This didn't work. So I kept trying. I found you must use the Standard Ameda shield, and then proceed to shove the Medela PersonalFit Shield into it. You can get it to seal and pump effectively.<br><br>
If you want to keep the sealed Ameda system, this is your answer.<br><br>
But I wasn't finished just for the sake of experiment.<br><br>
I found I really disliked the way the Ameda parts were designed. The hard plastic, the uncomfortable hold because of the top membrane section... and for some reason it just never felt quite air tight.<br><br>
So I headed back to BRU to do some more research. I found that the tubing was roughly the same diameter between the two pumps. This meant that, as long as I was willing to convert my Ameda pump into an open system, I could use Medela parts successfully.<br><br>
The Medela PersonalFit connector (the piece you plug the horn into), attaches to the silicone hose with a little male plastic plug. So I went ahead and ordered the Medela tubing. I purchased a set of PersonalFit connectors and a membrane/valve assembly. This completed the entire setup.<br><br>
Now I am waiting on my tubing to arrive by mail since you can't buy it except at specialty stores. I assembled the Medela pumping parts and shoved the end of my Ameda tube into it. It doesn't quite seal unless you hold it just right. BUT- I have been able to convert my Ameda pump into using Medela parts for my apparantly massively huge Extra Large nipples (as Medela would put it).<br><br>
And if those are too small, I believe they even make a 40mm special-order horn.<br><br>
If you want to do this experiment yourself, here's what you need.<br><br>
On the cheap ($10 or so): Buy Extra Large Medela PersonalFit Breast Shields. Shove them into the Standard Ameda Shield (that comes with the pump) until you achieve an airtight seal. Pump as usual and breathe a sigh of relief when you realize you aren't leaving behind a souvenier of skin flakes when you peel your huge nipple out of those tiny breast shields.<br><br>
On the not so cheap and will probably void any warranty on your Ameda pump: Buy Medela Tubing, PersonalFit Connectors, a set of Valve/Membranes, and Extra Large Medela PersonalFit Breast Shields<br><br>
If you don't need extra large shields for your Ameda, Ameda sells a Large 30.5 mm kit. But if you have massively huge nips like me, you can always go for the Medela parts conversion. Even if you don't, the larger shield will probably help in expressing more milk since more of the areola is drawn into the pump and stimulated.<br><br>
And for evidence sake: I pump 2oz from each breast with the 30.5mm shield. Once I switched to the right shield, I got 3.5oz. That's FWIW though. Too many factors go into how much you pump. I was probably just dreaming of the beach in Hawaii.<br><br>
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