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I bought a ameda purely yours (double electric pump) because i'm working about 12hr days 3-4 days a week now.
I tried it out maybe 2 times at home, but I couldn't get a hang of switching the speed/suction well enough to suit me. I decided that I actually was better at pumping with my hand pump than electric.

I hate to sell it, because it is a very good pump, and I liked using it more than my hand-pump (much more gentle, much easier to do) but I somehow have the hand-pumping rhythm down really well, and can express more/faster with it.

So the pump is essentially brand new. It included the base (motor) tubing, flanges, and all the diaphram parts (clear upper parts, white lower parts) and the extras that came with it (2 extra clear I believe, 4 extra white I think) and power adapter too. It also runs on batteries.

I also bought the larger flange adapters (larger in diameter than the reg ones, so there are 4 total) which come with a insert that makes it a medium sized diameter. Giving you 3 options total for size of the cone portion.

I am not including the milk cooler thingy though, because It arrived slightly damaged, and you can buy them cheaply online. I wouldn't want to sell a damaged item!

Ameda's pump is a "closed collection" pump, meaning that no milk can get into the motor, making it safe to borrow/sell. Unlike the pump-in-style. No milk can back up into the tubing either. It has (i believe) 9 settings for both suction strength and rate, making it ideal to mimic a baby's suck.

Unfortunately, I somehow got 2 completely different boobies when it comes to lactation, one leaks, one doesn't. One produces WAAY more (the one that doesn't leak) then other lets down milk in 12 streams, the other 2 streams. Etc. So it's too hard for me to adapt accordingly.

I would like 100PPD for the pump/membranes etc.

If this is too high, LMK and make a offer.
I would like to see this awsome pump used!

I'm going to use the $$ to purchase a second hand-pump, I keep forgetting one of the parts when I go to work and ending up in agony! lol.

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It truely is a very good pump! For some reason though, electic pumps in general arn't a good fit with me, let alone double pumps.


It would be great if they worked!!
But my handpump from medela works wonderfully for me, albiet not as nicely as a electric can be. And, I need bigger uhm, cup thingys for my medela, because my poor abused nipples can't take anymore!!

I hope someone wants this, I can't bear to have it just sitting around :/

But I think DH would KILL me if I just gave it
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