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Americans Considering Canada

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OK, I was talking with another MDC mama this afternoon and we're both considering moving to Canada-prolly BC. Wanted to hear from others mamas and papas with a hankerin' to head north. Also, anyone who has moved from the US to Canada-what are you loving and what do you most miss?
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I'm Canadian born and raised and must say it is a fabulous place and would welcome any new comer.....

Just curious as to why you want to move to Canada?
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Canada seems like such a nice fit politically, plus there is less population desity, more wilderness. It's colder, and we are chilly-weather people, there's less crime. George Bush is not the president..the list goes on. I need to live somewhere I can still have a big vegetable garden and I'd like to stay in the west, so we're thinking BC. Hey, maybe taking French in high school instead of Spanish will finally pay off. Thanks for the welcome, Canada feels like pipe dream right now, but it's something we're shooting for in the future.
I have considered moving to Canada as well. The university in vancouver has a wonderful midwifery program that isn't limited to just canadians. I think that would be such a great opportunity for me. I think there are many reasons why I would go with many of them listed above.

One of the biggest reasons would be the opportunity to have the chance to practice midwifery in a much more supporting atmosphere. I would like to be a CNM someday. I have also considered Europe as well, but Canada just seems to keep calling me.


P.S. If I did move, it wouldn't be until I complete my nursing training so that I could find work there. My dh was friends with a man who was American but trying to become Canadian via land immigrant status and apparently it is more difficult than I originally thought. I don't think I would want to give up my US citizenship though. Perhpas, just maintain a dual citizenship.
Yeah, I'm still looking into the whole citizenship thing, and the 'scoring' you have to do to move there. I don't work, so we are going on dh's score. He wants to go back to school for a while (maybe 1 or 2 yrs) and learn basic
French before we go, although I've heard that in the west French is no more common than it is here. I want to go to Vancouver and Victoria this fall for vacation. I would really like to talk with some crunch or lightly crunchy moms who have emmigrated to BC...or anyone at all really. I'm wondering what the biggest adjustments are. One thing we've been thinking about is that there is so much less crime there, which is a good thing, except that dh is in law enforecement (civillian though, he does tech support and so on for the local police).
If considering moving to BC french is unnecessary however, the eastern part of Canada (montreal) is mostly french speaking I believe. However, the country is very much bilingual so speaking french is not an absolute necessity. I was wondering how much adjustment there would be as well. It would be somewhat of an adjustment but I wonder if you really have to adjust to a freer political climate, universal health care, etc.

Interesting thread....

There are french speaking communities in alberta, saskatchewan and the maritimes but you are correct in saying that the country is bilingual. Really the only places you would be hard pressed to find english speaking citizens is rural Quebec.

A few of my friends have moved to Montreal and it is a bit of a stretch to work there without knowing french.

If you have a government job speaking both languages is a nessesity.

If you work in tourism its wise to be a little fluent in not only english and french but japenese too.

Any ??? about our grand country just ask!
I need to live somewhere I can still have a big vegetable garden and I'd like to stay in the west
There's lots of wide open space in Saskatchewan.
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Things are really rolling for us to start the process of moving up there. It's hard, though, because I'm here in the states through December because of clients. I'm not sure what will happen.

It's scary and exciting at the same time!
Quit bragging Pam!

DH works for the gov. here, and might there as well, so perhaps French is a good idea for him. Mostly I think he wants to take it because it bumps up your 'score' and because I speak some. Any ideas about the homeschool laws up there?
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Hey, I envy all of you who are thinking of doing the move 'up north!'' We considered it also but ultimately decided against the move because my parents are SO attached to their 2 (and only) grandsons that I could not dare move them so far away

Anyhow, we were looking into the Sunshine Coast of is sooo beautiful up there.

We met with a real estate agent and an immigration lawyer. I really recommend going up there and paying the $100 or so to meet with a lawyer who can spell it all out for you. They have made the 'test' to qualify for Permanent Resident much more difficult (that is where the knowing French pays get 'points' for it, so it doesn't matter whether or not you are planning on living in BC or Eastern Canada...knowing French will help get you into the country!)

If you don't apply for Permanent Resident status you can only stay for 6 months out of a year (even if you own a home there). For us, at least, we would have had a hard time getting a passing score. But, the lawyer also said that you can go ahead and apply anyhow and that the immigration officials who take care of the applications have the ability to make a subjective 'call' and can admit someone who does not have a passing score. He also said that it is possible to 'buy your way in' if you have a net worth of a million bucks or so and are willing to pay (I think) $185K. Otherwise, it is tough!

But, for those of you who do it, more power to you! And I wish I was there too!!!

BTW, you get to keep your US citizenship. It would be dual citizenship if you ever applied for Canadian Citizenship (which requires, I believe, 5 years of Permanent Resident status.

Oh well. I will probably have dreams tonight of the beautiful waters and forests of Roberts Creek and Sechelt
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My dh had a passing score of 72. It helps that he has a relative that lives in Langley.

I am banking on the fact that they are needing more midwives up there - I hope that will help us.

Is the immigration atty recommended only if you have problems with the scoring system or do you think it's a good idea all around?
If you go over to midwifery today boards there used to be (I haven't used that board in a while) lots of midwives from BC who used it. They seemed to be needing lots of midwives. I also remember hearing something about the midwives having much more respect there. (even something about having hospital priviledges when transport is necessary-could this be true respect for the midwifery profession) They also don't differentiate between CNM, and CPM, and LM.

I would definitely think being a midwife would help you get into the country. With their healthcare system I wonder if you would be employed by the government for midwifery care.

If you find out any info on being a midwife in Canada, I would be very much intersted in it.

From everything I have heard, if you have a passing score go ahead and do the paperwork yourself. I think that hiring an attorney is more for folks who are borderline or coming from countries other than the U.S. They even give that advice on the official Canadian Immigration website.

Your lucky that your ds has a relative! My father was born and raised in BC but moved here to the states when he was 18 with his parents. So, he no longer has Canadian citizenship. He would have a VERY hard time moving back there if he ever wanted to (especially since they got rid of the 'retirement' category years ago).

I can give you the name of the lawyer we spoke with (he is in Victoria) but there seem to be thousands of them out there.

Good luck on your adventure
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Being a midwife in Canada is probably better because in some provences they are government funded. My midwife has full hospital privilages, the only thing she can't do is prescribe drugs. Actually now that I mention it, my primary midwife recently immigrated from the States.

Because the midwifes are government funded you would get a different mix of patients, my midwife in particular was really happy to be giving care to a teen mom (me!) because in the states most cannot afford anything but the BASIC care (if that!)

anyways if any of you are considoring Ontario heres a great FAQ about midwife care here (from my midwives website)

I hope you all can come join us up here soon.. oh and don't be too dissapointed, when it's not quite as cold as you think it will be LOL.. here is southern ontario we get some pretty hot summers! lol

if any of you have any other questions about Canadians.. let me know I've lived here my WHOLE life
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Midwifery is not government funded in Alberta. But the midwifes here still do have hospital priv.

There has been a huge battle with the government over malpractice insurance...they raised it for midwives significantly upwards to 15,000 a year.

I will try to find a link for you.
Whoa! $15K a year! I'm actually planning on a move to BC and the malpractice/liability insurance is $3K a year, which is only $1000 more than my annual license costs here in the US.

Originally Posted by brandywine
Quit bragging Pam!

DH works for the gov. here, and might there as well, so perhaps French is a good idea for him. Mostly I think he wants to take it because it bumps up your 'score' and because I speak some. Any ideas about the homeschool laws up there?
Homeschooling is pretty relaxed in BC. My favourite site is They have a ton of information
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I didn't think you could have dual Canadian and American Citizenship... the only two countries that you can't have dual for... but maybe I'm wrong... my understanding is that years ago you could but that they have since changed that rule

my husband is American... but he's not so crunchy so I don't know how much he could contribute here lol

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