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Amish bulk store in Iowa??

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I've heard a lot of people say that they find the best deals on bulk staples (oats, flour, etc) at Amish/Mennonite stores and I was wondering if anyone knows of one? I'm in central Iowa so I know it's not likely that there is one around here, but I would be willing to drive to one once every few months if I could really stock up.
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all i can think of is Stringtown (that's the name of the store) in Kalona. i've never bought bulk from them but i'm pretty sure that they do it. However because they are amish they don't have a phone may just have to venture down there.
I was going to recommend Stringtown also. They are actually on the road to Kalona. Just down the road (not far) from the cheese factory. They do sell in bulk and have great prices, especially on spices! They don't have a huge store though.

It is fun to look around and see all of the non-electric items. Like the gas powered irons! Very expensive!
Thanks!! Maybe we'll have to make an overnight trip or something to check it out.

I think there is one in Southern Iowa too, but I can't remember where I read about it or heard about it
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Yesterday's Register had an article about the Amish in Iowa that included a map showing the various Amish settlements. I was surprised that there aren't any closer to Des Moines.
I think Stringtown is Mennonite.

I think there is another settlement in southern Iowa, south of Creston, maybe, that would be closer to you.

Also, Osage Iowa has one. Down the street from Flemming's clothing store. Don't remember the name.
Hey, bauchtanz! I almost wrote your real name cuz I know who you are, but thought I better not, maybe you don't want your name out there...LOL! Anyways, I didn't know you came to this board.

Stringtown is Amish, I go there at least once a summer to stock up on spices and stuff. There is also one in Keosaqua which is in Van Buren County. Not sure of others in Iowa.
Lamoni has a large Amish community. Possibly they have a store as well? I know they sell baskets near the state line at the convenience stores. Maybe you could ask one of them if you see them when passing by?
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