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AMP Duo Pocket

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I'm currently using prefolds but would like to try something different. I'm thinking of buying the AMP Duo Pocket diapers. I really like the sounds of these - you use it with inserts during the day so you can keep reusing the diaper as a cover, then at night you stuff it so it is dry against baby's skin. They also have only 2 sizes, and my DS is just about in the 2nd size, so they would last through potty learning.

I'm just wondering if anyone has used these (or any other similar system) and what your thoughts are? Also, the place I'll be buying from has a package of 6 diapers and 24 inserts, would that work for full time use?

Here is a link to see them:
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You can do that with almost any pocket diaper. Just lay a prefold or insert in the poclet diaper and reuse the pocket.

However, if you have any poop smearage, or if the insert gets sopping wet you will end up wanting to wash the pocket.

It isn't a bad way to go at all. But you could probably use any pocket diaper you want if there is another you like better. Also I think you will need more inserts. At least I would with how much I change my babe. You can buy more of those separately from other diaper makers though, if needed.
Just be sure that you are getting actual AMP diapers - on a Quebec parenting forum, I read about a store that was selling its own version of [unauthorized knockoff] AMP diapers, and they were not a quality product at all.
I was going to ask about the AMP Duo as well.

I bought one, but with only one insert (bamboo) to try - didn't dawn on me to try it as an AI2 when I was in the store. I've only used it twice; once as a pocket and yesterday as an AI2 and used prefolds in the second go of the cover (still not sure if I like reusing the cover). It's definitely a nice trim fit (I think it's trimmer than my sized FB) and worked well, but I don't think you'd be able to use it as a pocket after being used the other way. I'm still undecided on it, but DD looks like she's about to outgrow the small, so I might wait a bit before buying the next size up anyway - and wait for more feedback. (She's on the smallest setting of a small FB still, but the largest on the small AMP??)

I like the bamboo next to DD's skin, but wasn't sure what other type of insert to use (still figuring out what my options are). I wasn't sure about putting hemp next to her skin. Doesn't feel as soft, and would the wettness be cold? I want natural fibres next to her, but I'm still worried about wettness. One reason why the duo looked attractive - I could decide on a whim, with the same diaper, between natural fibre and microfibre.
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