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Amused by first dentist visit with DS (3)

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So we took DS to the dentist this week for a checkup. We hardly ever manage to brush his teeth properly so I admit I was a little nervous

Anyway the dentist said "he does have a little plaque" (not a surprise) but other than that his teeth and gums look great. Whew!

But what was funny was that the dentist wanted to have a little talk with me after the examination. He looked so serious that I thought he was going to berate me and tell me I was a bad mother for not brushing... Turned out he wanted to reassure me that it is okay that DS has a lot of space between his teeth. "Don't worry about all the gaps between his teeth, it's actually good to have lots of room in his mouth," etc. (as though I would be worried that it's not normal!)

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Hey congrats!

I'm probably going to get the plaque speech. We're not great about brushing and should probably be better.
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