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Greetings from Yellow Train!

Yellow Train is a Waldorf inspired school, founded on Love for children located in a small city in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. While we have many things here, what we miss is a Library for our children. We are currently running a campaign to get a special library that would be accessible to all the children in the city.

Do read below, to know and understand more about us and our campaign.. We hope you feel inspired to be a part of this special drive for books for the Children and donate books for this cause. Every book that travels to us is special and will be a valuable treasure.

Looking forward to hearing from you and Yes! Our ask is just for you to donate the books. We will handle the shipment back to India.

Write back to us if you wish to be part of our campaign/wish to donate….

Our Campaign for The Children:
"Did you know that this world is not made up of atoms? It is made of stories."

The Yellow Train Story…

Located in an organic farm, on the outskirts of Coimbatore, a city in India, our school, Yellow Train is a small community of teachers and parents championing unhurried childhood and holistic education. Amidst green fields, Orchards, Vegetable patches, Cows, Goats, Chicken, Peacocks, and loving teachers’ children learn and grow joyfully.

We are dreamers.

Tucked in this dream for childhood lies another dream. Of a Library. And not just A Library, but an enchanting, magical space that would stand as a tribute to childhood. And we could not think of something that is more befitting than a Bogey – An old railway carriage carrying books, whispers and laughter of children.

We are crazy book lovers.

What started as one person’s dream for preserving childhood today has become a living and thriving community of 500 families over 8 years. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child, a community to nurture a dream and the whole world to bring a change.

We are believers.

We want to reach the dreamers, the book lovers, the believers from all corners of the world to be a part of what we are creating.

Do you wish to be a page in our story?

Be a part of our Fill the Bogey Campaign: Our Fill the Bogey Campaign intends to raise books from donors across the world. You could be an Individual Donor, or Campaign for our cause in your local community or connect us to Institutional Donor (Schools/Libraries/NGOs/Corporates).

- In the name of children

The Yellow Train Team
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