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an I do anything about seasonal allergies while BF/pregnant?

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I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post in...My allergies are really awful right now and I can't stop sneezing/blowing my nose/wiping my eyes...ACHOO!
: Anything I can do whle breastfeeding and pregnant?
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If it's pollen, I've had great success with eating local honey.

I hit my farmers market last weekend, and found a honey that's made just a few miles away from my house, so I bought a giant tub of that!
I second wenat's suggestion of eating local honey. I've heard of many being *cured* of their allergies for the Season with that method.

Good Luck hope you feel better soon!

Oh yeah, I've also read that allergies can be a little worse in pregnancy especially congestion.....that may mean you'll have to ride this one out

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Botulism would only be if baby swallowed the honey directly. An adult tummy would normally kill off any spores.
Nettle is safe and nourishing while pregnant and breastfeeding. I use a combo of freeze dried capsules and tea (it is good mixed with red raspberry leaf - also good for preg and bfing). There are also tinctures available.

Good luck!
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