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an intact buried penis?

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I've been venturing out into the mainstream boards alittle bit to get a feel for what the circing crowd talks about (it's kinda like that morbid desire to rubberneck when driving by a car wreck..
: ) and I've seen it mentioned that the condition of a buried penis can happen in intact (of course they didn't use that term..) boys. They said some boys are born predisposed to it..
It doesn't sound likely to me.. I've never heard of an intact boy with a buried penis.
Has anyone around here ever encountered that?
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Most likely what they are seeing and talking about is not really a true burried penis. When a baby is chubby they can have a rather large fat pad over their pubic bone and the penis will often look as tho it is burried. If u can take your fingers and push on either side and it pops out good then that is prolly what is going on. Anouther thing that u can notice is all the way around the penis there is a very deep groove almost like ur belly button if u have a innie. As the child grows it will change as the fat pad gets smaller and smaller.

I think there may be some boys who are predispositioned to it and cutting of the foreskin would make it much worse.

Not a expert but I suppose sometimes the ligaments that hold the penis could be shorter on some than on others.
There are two syndromes, buried penis and concealed penis and while seemingly similar, they are different.

They are both cases of the penis retracting into the pubic mound. The difference is that concealed penis will resolve as the boy grows and looses part of the fat pad over the pubic bone. Buried penis may or may not resolve in this manner. Many circumcised adult men have buried penis but I have neve heard of an intact adult man having concealed penis. Buried penis is a very embarassing condition for a man.

ds2 was a really really fat baby and he had a concealed penis. And his penis is definitely not small--that's another misconception w/ that condition. I remember I thought something was wrong w/ him. I thought his foreskin was swollen b/c it felt funny when I held it during a diaper change. I freaked out for about 1 minute before I realized it felt funny b/c it was empty, then I freaked out over that for another minute. ROFL! His penis was completely back in the fat fold and his little empty foreskin was just kinda sitting there. LOL! Push on the fat pad, and out it popped! He's never had any problems whatsoever w/ his penis.
About a month ago, I posted about seeing a 2 y.o. intact boy with this concealed condition. Some good replies from Kathryn and others. See the thread at
Thanks for the replies, everyone! Very informative.

Why do I get the feeling that doctors shouldbe checking for this condition before circ'ing but most probably don't...
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