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An omen!

655 Views 4 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  hummingbear was the baby shower for my SIL, who is due with a boy in July. (As per my other thread, I've been working on my brother to leave this boy intact.)

We're sitting at this big round table at a restaurant having the shower. SIL points out the water fountain near us, which is a statue of a young naked boy. The water is coming out guessed it.............his penis. So, SIL points this out, and I look. The penis is INTACT! So I told SIL that the penis is intact and it's an omen!!! She just laughed.

I just had to share. Thought you all could appreciate that.
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wow - it that EVER an omen !!
that's too cute
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That's funny! I hope they leave their precious son the way he is born!!!! I'll have my fingers crossed for him!
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You know the little mall in the town closest to where I grew up had a fountain just like this--one or two little intact 'putti' (?) urinating into a fountain.
I never even thought about it, though.
I wonder if there are any small yard-size fountains like this?
What a great way to advocate!
What a great opportunity to bring levity to the subject.
Hope your brother and sister-in-law get the picture (sculpture?).
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